Great River Bay

Just north of the village of Pisgah, Great River begins is journey to the coast. It travels for 57 miles before dumping into Great River Bay. Here, vacationers will find a lovely spot to enjoy some time in a beach setting.

Set on the eastern edge of Great River Bay, 2.1 miles east of Hopewell, this beach is on the North West coast of Jamaica. You should consider dropping by even if you aren't staying in the immediate vicinity. If there's one beach that appeals to a large rage of visitors, it's Great River Bay, since it's fun and active, but usually not over-crowded. If you prefer to avoid Jamaica's quiet, secluded beaches, dut don't want to be overwhelmed by crowds of hotel guests, this beach offers a nice middle ground.

How to Access The Beach
Just off A1 and through a thicket of trees is where you will find Great River Bay.

Amenities and Ambiance

Along the western edge of the beach is where Great River meets Great River Bay. On either side, soft tan sand runs along in a crescent shape, encircling Golden Grove Beach. The waters are aquamarine and relatively calm, though currents can sometimes be strong.

Unfortunately, public restrooms aren't available, so if you're visiting with small children you might want to consider a different location.

What's Nearby


You'll find this beach on the North West coast of Jamaica. It is close to Caribbean Treasures Gaming Lounge, which is one of a few favorite local destinations.

Historical attractions such as Fort Montego provide a nice compliment to a soothing day at Great River Bay, and provide beachgoers with the opportunity to learn about Jamaica's past, without having to venture too far from the coast. In fact, this shore is four and a half miles from this site of historical interest.

If your taste for travel keeps you looking for new activity and attraction options, you'll find the closest ones in the following table.

Activities and Attractions Near Great River Bay
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Caribbean Treasures Gaming Lounge Gambling Arcade 4.3 NE Jamaica
Coral Cliff Gaming Lounge Slot Machine Arcade 4.3 NE Jamaica
Fort Montego Historical Site 4.4 ENE Jamaica
Montego Civic Center Convention, Conference and Meeting Space Center 4.4 ENE Jamaica
Vegas Gaming Bogue Gambling Arcade 4.4 E Jamaica

Cities and Towns

Great River Bay visitors seeking additional places to explore might consider going to Montego Bay, because it's nearby and is an area full of activity. From the shore, Montego Bay is not far away, maybe four and a half miles (seven and a half kilometers).


The popularity of this spot on any given day can vary, depending on time of day, season, and how many people have booked nearby hotels. At this beach, you can expect to encounter quite a few vacationers who are staying in the area.

Vacationers looking to find a room near the beach shouldn't find it that tough, as there are lots of hotels to pick from nearby. You'll find the closest booking options by looking over what's shown in the following table.

Accommodations near Great River Bay
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Chateau Margarita -- -- Hotel
Paradise Clarridge View 2.0 mi. E Guest house
Emerald Escape Beach Resort 2.6 mi. E Resort
Sunset Beach Resort & Spa 2.8 mi. ENE Resort
Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay All Inclusive 2.8 mi. ENE Resort
Secrets St James Montego Bay 2.9 mi. ENE Resort
Palm Bay Guest House 3.9 mi. E Guest house
Altamont West Hotel 4.3 mi. ENE Hotel
Harbour Way 4.3 mi. ENE Hotel
Coral Cliff Hotel 4.3 mi. NE Hotel


Even after a restful afternoon at the beach, the day isn't truly complete until you visit a nearby restaurant, where you can dive into Jamaica's specialty dishes, within just a few miles of this shoreline. One of the nearest restaurants is Round Hill Dining Room. The restaurant features Caribbean food. You could take a cab or probably walk to this restaurant since it's not far off the beach at all.

The following table lists nearby dining options.

Restaurants near Great River Bay
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Round Hill Dining Room (876) 956-7050 Caribbean Fine Dining 1.8 mi. WNW
Smoked Marlin Restaurant (876) 609-4181 -- -- -- --
Wifey's Pizza (876) 956-5310 Italian -- -- --
Sky Beach Bar and Grill (876) 956-5006 Jamaican Informal 2.7 mi. W
Robbie Joseph's Seahorse Grill -- Caribbean, International Informal 2.9 mi. ENE
MVP Smokehouse (876) 622-7198 Jamaican, Vegetarian Very Casual 2.9 mi. E
New Point -- -- -- 3.0 mi. E
Houseboat Grill Restaurant (876) 979-8845 Fusion, International Informal 3.3 mi. E
Martina's Juice Bar and Grill (876) 953-6557 Jamaican Very Casual 3.8 mi. E
Domino's Montego Bay (876) 953-6666 Italian Very Casual 4.1 mi. E
Dragon Court Restaurant (876) 979-8822 ext. 4 Chinese Very Casual 4.1 mi. E
Pier One (876) 952-2452 International Very Casual 4.2 mi. ENE

Other Beaches

Great River Bay isn't the only beach worth checking out in Jamaica.

Travelers may also want to consider Hope Well Beach, which is located two miles away.

You may find that Great River Bay is a great fit for your vacation, but maybe you want to see more; in which case you should find a beach with a seclusion factor that suits you.


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