Resources, references, and further reading on Jamaica's history

There are many ways to learn the history of the islands, but those looking for even more in-depth information on Jamaica may want to pick up a good book.

Some excellent books to consider, including those that were most heavily relied upon in preparing this guide to Jamaica's history, are as follows:

History of Jamaica by Clint V. Black: A comprehensive history of Jamaica from the time of the Taíno natives settlers to the island's independence. It covers the political links between Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean, as well as Europe. This book contains images of some of the most important people in Jamaica's history, as well as a time line for reference.

A Brief History of the Caribbean by Jan Rogozinsky: A history of the Caribbean, with detailed information on Jamaica's modern politics - particularly the latter part of the 20th century. Informs Jamaica's influence on the rest of the islands.

From Columbus to Castro by Eric Williams: A topical history of the Caribbean with information about Jamaica's modern history, as well as its participation in the rest of the region.

The Taínos: Rise and Decline of the People Who Greeted Columbus by Irving Rouse: This anthropological text is perfect for those who want a look at the science behind the unearthing of Taíno culture. Includes information from the earliest known pre-history of the Caribbean to Columbus' discovery and Spanish settlement.

A Traveler's Guide to Caribbean History by Don & Dene Dachner: A guide to island history with travel in mind. Keeps events brief, but also gives pertinent tourism contact information. Arranged in two sections, it covers both Caribbean general history, and each individual island's history.

The History of Jamaica by Edward Long: A history of Jamaica offering a different telling of the most important events of the island's past. This three-volume text is ideal for those looking for a comprehensive, detailed history of the island.

Jamaica in Slavery and Freedom: History, Heritage and Culture Ed. by Kathleen Monteith: Those looking for more information about Jamaica's slaves and their descendants will appreciate the is collection of academic essays, which cover a number of different topics.

The Maroons of Jamaica : A History of Resistance, Collaboration and Betrayal by Mavis C. Campbell: The Maroons have long been one of the most interesting groups to settle Jamaica. Stories differ about their beginnings, but this book is an in-depth study on this fascinating group.


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