Lime Cay

Occasionally submerged when the tide comes in, this small, low-lying island has no permanent human settlement. There are no facilities here but bringing your own lunch and refreshments will keep you keep you extremely happy for an afternoon.

Situated in the vicinity of Kingston, Lime Cay is on the South East edge of Jamaica. You might want to drop by even if you are not staying very close. This beach is not just another beautiful natural attraction, it is one of the more unique and quiet beaches in Jamaica. While Lime Cay may be a bit off the beaten path, it's the best place to take an undisturbed nap on the sand.

How to Access The Beach
To reach the small island, you may want to hire a boat to take you back and forth. Many choose to sail out here, but a small fee will be enough to persuade a local fisherman to take you out in the morning, then pick you back up at a pre-arranged time in the late afternoon or evening.

Amenities and Ambiance

Located off Kingston Harbour, the waters here are clear and unpolluted, and offer excellent swimming conditions. It makes for an amazing spot for bathing and watersports. Lime Cay is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica.

Many visitors find themselves ordering a drink or snack from the concessions here, even if they move off-site for lunch. You may also have the option to buy food from one of the mobile vendors who set up shop at the beach.

You'll be able to use picnic tables at this beach, which are perfect for setting up your carry-out food, or just lounging under the sun.

Please note that public restrooms are not available. This is a great weekend spot having an intimate picnic or family barbeque. The shores of the small island are generally unpopulated.

Off the beaten path, Lime Cay with its availability of comforts are a hit among visitors that hope to be free from the busy beaches and crowded shores since it happens to be found within a peaceful area. With that fact in mind, struggling to obtain an available convenience at Lime Cay is not a thing you will have to do very often, regardless of what the time is when you get there.

What's Nearby


You'll find this beach on Jamaica's South East coast. Port Royal is found two miles away, and it is one of the favorite local destinations.

Some may feel that museums and beaches are an odd combination, but a quite a few vacationers find that museums like National Gallery of Jamaica (situated easily within cab range) offer a fun learning experience and a new way to experience Jamaica's culture.

If you're looking for plenty of activities to keep you or your family busy, the beach is located near the attractions in the following table.

Activities and Attractions Near Lime Cay
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Port Royal Historical Site 1.9 mi. NW Jamaica
Port Royal Community Center Convention, Conference and Meeting Space Center 2.0 mi. NW Jamaica
Fort Charles Museum 2.0 mi. NW Jamaica
National Gallery of Jamaica Art Museum 3.6 mi. NNE Jamaica
Studio174 Art Gallery 3.7 mi. NNE Jamaica
Bank of Jamaica Money Museum Museum 3.7 mi. NE Jamaica
Trench Town Culture Yard Museum Museum 4.5 mi. N Jamaica
Acropolis Portmore Casino 4.9 mi. NW Jamaica
St. Peter's Church Historical Site 5.5 mi. NNE Jamaica
Vegas Gaming Kingston Gambling Arcade 5.6 mi. N Jamaica
Jamaica Pegasus Derby Room Slot Machine Arcade 5.6 mi. N Jamaica
Redstripe Plant Attraction 5.9 mi. N Jamaica

Cities and Towns

Lime Cay is close to Kingston, so a trip into the city——for snacks, drinks, and other attractions——is a convenient option. Those visiting Lime Cay who are hoping to find some additional excitement might think about heading over to Kingston, since it's nearby and is an especially active area of Jamaica. From Lime Cay, Kingston is a car ride off, about six and a half miles (ten and a half kilometers) away.


Whether this spot is full of bodies or practically empty will vary depending on the time of day, particularly in the high season when hotels overflow with tourists. There aren't many major hotels nearby, but it can appeal to guests staying at smaller accommodations in the area.

Those looking to find a hotel room close to the beach shouldn't find it that difficult, as there are lots of accommodations to choose from in the vicinity. You will find the closest and most convenient hotel booking options by looking over what's shown in the following table.

Accommodations near Lime Cay
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Grand Port Royal Hotel 2.0 NW Hotel
Sea Horse Rider Inn 4.1 NW Hotel
Hotel Casanova 5.0 NW Hotel


If the heat at the beach has you craving a cool cocktail and a bite to eat, there are lots of nearby options when it comes to dining. One of the nearest places to eat is Gloria's. Some guests will choose to take a cab here, while others will want to walk since it's just a short distance away.

Some nearby restaurant options are shown below.

Restaurants near Lime Cay
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Gloria's -- -- -- 2.1 mi. NW
Swiss Stores Cafe (876) 922-8050 International Informal 3.8 mi. NNE
Domino's Downtown Kingston (876) 948-8222 Italian Very Casual -- --
Rodney's Arms (876) 988-1063 International Very Casual 4.1 mi. WNW
Miss Bobs West Kingston Fast Food -- -- -- 4.1 mi. NNE
Cutty's -- -- -- 4.5 mi. N
Autumn Garden Restaurant (876) 988-3168 -- -- 4.7 mi. NW
Buckle's Restaurant (876) 704-9042 -- -- 4.7 mi. NW
Divine Vegetarian Restaurant (876) 998-8478 -- -- 4.7 mi. NW
KFC Portmore Mall (876) 988-3099 American Very Casual 4.7 mi. NW
Burger King - Portmore (876) 749-1479 American Very Casual 4.8 mi. NW
Colours Sports Bar & Grill (876) 939-5350 -- -- 4.9 mi. NW

Other Beaches

Of course, there are lots of other spots along the coast of Jamaica, so if Lime Cay doesn't suit you, you can still find a great spot.

You might also enjoy Maiden Cay Beach, situated just a little ways away. On the other hand, Gunboat Beach could provide a few more possibilities for excitement, and is closer to other tourist hot-spots. It's located three and a half miles to the east-northeast.

You may also enjoy Hellshire Beach, which is located not a great distance away, which means a short ride in a taxi will get you here pretty easily. To the southwest of Kingston lies Hellshire beach, the most popular of the black sand beaches in this area. Locals flock to this area on the weekends to take advantage of this casual and relaxed environment on the shore. Food vendors sell their fresh cooked food to guests while fishermen traverse the shores. Although not the main attraction, the waters are cool and refreshing, making it a good idea to take a dip in the sea.

Of course, there is much more to do besides lounge on the sand in Jamaica, but a trip to Lime Cay could end up a family favorite.


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