Little Laughlands Bay

Little Laughlands Bay is located in Saint Ann. Aside from a resort set on the beach, nothing except a river, trees, and flat lands exists for miles around the coast, making this a great locale for getting away from it all.

Located near the heart of Saint Ann Parish, 4.7 miles east of Runaway Bay, Little Laughlands Bay is on the North coast of Jamaica. You might want to drop by even if you aren't staying very close. Those of you who spend part of the afternoon at this beach can make the most of their relaxation time without missing an opportunity to meet new people.

How to Access The Beach
Connected to A4 is a long dirt road through some of Jamaica's flat lands that lead to Little Laughlands Bay. Just before the beach is a patch of sand for parking.

Amenities and Ambiance

Right along the westernmost point of the beach, a river of fresh water dumps into Little Laughlands Bay. From there, the dark tan sand dips inward for a ways before jutting back out into the topaz colored sea.

Unfortunately, public restrooms aren't available.

Little Laughlands Bay provides an idyllic and relaxing escape, due to the fact that the location that surrounds the beach contains little build-up and is free of urbanization.

What's Nearby


This beach is positioned on Jamaica's North coast. It's located near Chukka Caribbean Adventure's Original Canopy Tour, which is situated one and an eighth miles to the south, and it is among the area's attractions.

History-focused attractions such as Annandale Great House are a nice compliment to the scenery of Little Laughlands Bay, and allow visitors to learn more about Jamaica, without having to leave the coast.

If a visit to the Little Laughlands Bay isn't enough to keep you busy all afternoon, the following table shows the closest options.

Activities and Attractions Near Little Laughlands Bay
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Chukka Caribbean Adventure's Original Canopy Tour Zip Line Site 1.1 S Jamaica
Runaway Bay Golf Course Golf Course 3.9 W Jamaica
Grand Bahia Principe Casino 5.6 W Jamaica
RIU Ocho Rios Casino Casino 6.8 ESE Jamaica
Annandale Great House Historical Site 10.2 SE Jamaica

Cities and Towns

Little Laughlands Bay is near St. Ann's Bay, so a trip into the city is a definite option. St. Ann's Bay is the closest city and is noted for its balance between seclusion and urbanization. From the shore, St. Ann's Bay isn't far off, maybe four and a half miles (seven and a half kilometers).


The crowdedness of the shoreline can vary widely, it depends mainly on when you visit, and how packed the nearby hotels are. Typically, you can expect to see a fair amount of other guests who are staying close by.

Because the beach is situated in a fairly popular tourist area, it usually isn't all that tough to find a hotel close-by that's to your taste. For visitors wanting to book a place that's on or near the beach, the following table lists the accommodation options closest to Little Laughlands Bay.

Accommodations near Little Laughlands Bay
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Royal Decameron Club Caribbean 2.6 mi. W Resort
Columbus Inn 2.8 mi. ESE Hotel
Seacrest Beach Hotel 2.9 mi. ESE Hotel
Tamarind Tree Resort Hotel 3.4 mi. W Resort
Jewel Paradise Cove Beach Resort by Curio 3.4 mi. W Resort
Runaway Bay Heart Hotel 3.6 mi. W Hotel
The Cardiff Hotel and Spa 4.0 mi. W Resort
Runaway Bay H.E.A.R.T. Hotel 4.0 mi. W Resort
Villa Sonaté 4.1 mi. W Hotel
Jewel Runaway Bay Resort 4.2 mi. W Resort


One of the tastiest ways to compliment a balmy beach afternoon is to eat at an area restaurant, where you can sample the local chefs' favorite dishes, within just a few miles of this shoreline. One of the nearest restaurants is Aquamarina Beach Bar & Grill. This restaurant offers both American and Jamaican dishes on the menu. They're also renowned for their hamburgers and sandwiches. The restaurant is reasonably close, so a short taxi ride is a convenient way to get there.

Nearby restaurants are provided in the following table.

Restaurants near Little Laughlands Bay
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Aquamarina Beach Bar & Grill -- American, Jamaican Very Casual 3.4 mi. W
Coral Cafe -- Jamaican Informal 3.4 mi. W
Court Jesters Fire Over Pizza -- Italian Very Casual 3.4 mi. W
Golden Sabre Sushi -- Asian Informal 3.4 mi. W
Jade Samurai -- Japanese Informal 3.4 mi. W
Moonstone by Sohpia -- Italian, Mediterranean Informal 3.4 mi. W
Platinum -- Caribbean Fine Dining 3.4 mi. W
Aquamarina Beach Bar & Grill (844) 903-1160 American Very Casual 4.2 mi. W
Coral Café (844) 903-1160 Buffet Very Casual 4.2 mi. W
Court Jesters Fire Oven Pizza (844) 903-1160 Italian Very Casual 4.2 mi. W
Golden Saber Sushi (844) 903-1160 Japanese Informal 4.2 mi. W
Moonstone by Vincenzo (844) 903-1160 Italian Fine Dining 4.2 mi. W

Other Beaches

Of course, you'll find other beaches besides Little Laughlands Bay in Jamaica.

Travelers may also want to consider Priory Beach, which is located three miles to the east-southeast.

Perhaps Little Laughlands Bay is the most convenient coastline for you to visit, but some travelers itch to explore more; if so, Jamaica offers a variety of beaches for travelers who wish to try elsewhere.


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