Orange Bay Beach West

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There are two bays in Jamaica named Orange Bay. This one is in Negril near a crowding of resort properties, and the other -- Orange Bay Beach --- is in a little town of the same name. Here, rather than droves of other tourists, the only people sharing the beach are locals and fisherman preparing the days catch.

Located just outside the heart of Portland Parish, 3.4 miles east of Buff Bay, Orange Bay Beach West is on the East coast of Jamaica. You might think about stopping by even if you are not staying in the immediate vicinity. Travelers will find that, while Orange Bay Beach West is by no means quiet and secluded, you wouldn't necessarily call it a busy beach either. It's the perfect choice for those of you who want to enjoy a beach with mild activity but also want to skip out on the crowds.

How to Access The Beach
You can reach Orange Bay Beach by taking A4 to the coast, then veering east onto a dirt road that runs parallel to the coast.

Amenities and Ambiance

Lined with both trees and buildings, Orange Bay Beach features grey colored sand and deep blue waters. Fishing boats dot the horizon.

Please note that public restrooms are not available, which is something to consider if you're bringing the kids, or plan to spend all day outside.

Orange Bay Beach West offers those who visit a calm and peaceful enclave, due to the fact that the area surrounding the beach won't be overly crowded.

What's Nearby


This spot is on Jamaica's East coast; the area hosts attractions such as Portland Art Gallery, which is within the range of a taxi.

Historical attractions such as Christ Church provide a nice compliment to the scenery of Orange Bay Beach West, and allow visitors to learn more about Jamaica, without having to go too far from the beach. In fact, this shore will be found a relatively quick cab ride from this site of historical interest.

Beaches are a great attraction to visit, but there's even more to see during your stay. The following chart includes some other attractions close-by.

Activities and Attractions Near Orange Bay Beach West
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Portland Art Gallery Art Gallery 10.3 ESE Jamaica
Christ Church Historical Site 11.0 ESE Jamaica
Folly Lighthouse Lighthouse 11.2 E Jamaica
Folly Ruins Historical Site 11.4 E Jamaica
Constant Spring Golf Club Golf Course 16.9 SW Jamaica

Cities and Towns

The closest area of Jamaica to Orange Bay Beach West is Hope Bay. This friendly part of Jamaica is only three and a half miles away, meaning a trip here doesn't have to take all day. It should be noted that Kingston isn't crowded with buildings, so for those hoping to scope out the local scene, Hope Bay might be a place you consider spending some time in.


Whether or not you encounter a lot of other visitors will depend on how many hotel guests decide to make the trip as well. There are not many major hotels nearby, but it can attract guests from smaller accommodations in the area.

While vacationers won't find very many hotels in the vicinity, those options closest to Orange Bay Beach West can be seen in the list below.

Accommodations near Orange Bay Beach West
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Paradise Inn Resort -- -- Resort
By the Sea 7.2 mi. E B & B
San San Tropez 9.9 mi. ESE Hotel


There aren't any restaurants in the immediate surroundings of this coastal destination, so it would be a good idea to pack a lunch for your time spent at the beach.

Other Beaches

Needless to say, Orange Bay Beach West isn't the only beach worth visitng in Jamaica.

If the vibrant atmosphere of Orange Bay Beach West is what you're looking for, think about heading to Windsor Castle Beach, a beach with a similar ambiance. It is located five miles to the west-northwest. If it's a bit of peace and quiet you're after, Spring Garden Beach is a location which doesn't host as many visitors. It is located just a short distance away.

You may also want to consider Orange Bay Beach East, which is located eight miles away.

Maybe Orange Bay Beach West is a perfect spot for you to kick back, and at the same time perhaps not the the ideal fit; if so, there are other beaches and natural attractions in Jamaica you might like.


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