Weather in Jamaica in May

Rainy season gets underway in May on the island of Jamaica, but that doesn't mean vacationers should stay away. Most days are sunny until early afternoon. The sun is also getting warmer this time of year, and vacationers who like their weather more than just a little warm may find May to be an appealing option.

Typical Weather in May

Temperatures in Jamaica during May generally vary between an average high during the day of 86.0 degrees and an average low at night of 75.0 degrees


Jamaica in May: Key Facts
Monthly Averages
High Low Rainfall
No. of Days
with Rain
86.0° F 75.0° F 5.9 N.A.

On any given day during May in Jamaica, you can expect early morning temperatures to be around 78.4 degrees. Temperatures in Jamaica typically rise during the day, to an average of 85.4 degrees in the early afternoon. The temperature in Jamaica will typically decline by early evening, to approximately 80.2 degrees. Overall, temperatures in Jamaica during May average around 80.3 degrees.


May Temperatures in Jamaica by Time of Day
Early Morning Late Morning Early Afternoon Late Afternoon Early Evening Overall
78.4° F 84.0° F 85.4° F 83.3° F 80.2° F 80.3° F



Rain is most likely to occur around 4:00 PM during the month of May, and it is least likely to occur around 1:00 AM. To the extent thunderstorms occur in Jamaica during May, they are most likely to occur around 4:00 PM, as shown in the following table.

May Rainfall in Jamaica by Time of Day
  Percent Frequencies of Hourly Observations
Hour Rain
1:00 AM 3.0 % 0 %
4:00 AM 3.2 % 0 %
7:00 AM 3.4 % 0 %
10:00 AM 3.1 % .4 %
1:00 PM 11.9 % 4.7 %
4:00 PM 25.1 % 8.0 %
7:00 PM 12.9 % 2.8 %
10:00 PM 7.0 % .9 %
ALL 8.5 % 2.0 %

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