Temperatures in Jamaica

Even the luxurious amenities at a top Jamaican resort can't rival the beauty of a day spent in the cool air of the Blue Mountains, or relaxing on a sunny beach.

Making yourself aware of Jamaica's weather patterns will help you decide what clothing to pack, and the best time to visit the island, to fully experience all it has to offer. The following chart helps you to do this by detailing the average daily high and low temperatures of each month. This data is for coastal areas -- naturally, it's a lot cooler in the mountains. Also note that while the hottest temperatures occur between the months of May and October, even during the summer most days are still very mild and pleasant. And, the winters are extremely mild -- the daily lows rarely dip below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Average High and Low Temperature
Monthly Averages
Month High Low
January 82.0° F 72.0° F
February 82.0° F 72.0° F
March 84.0° F 73.0° F
April 85.0° F 74.0° F
May 86.0° F 75.0° F
June 88.0° F 76.0° F
July 88.0° F 77.0° F
August 89.0° F 77.0° F
September 88.0° F 76.0° F
October 87.0° F 76.0° F
November 85.0° F 75.0° F
December 83.0° F 73.0° F
Annual 86.0° F 75.0° F

With temperatures that range between monthly averages of 72 and 89 degrees Fahrenheit, it would appear that there is no bad time to plan your trip. Still the fluctuation between temperature throughout the day must be taken into consideration. Mornings tend to be the coolest time of day, making them the best time to plan to participate in strenuous outdoor pursuits such as hiking or golf. Late morning through late afternoon experiences a rise, then fall in temperature, with the peak hitting in the early afternoon. This is the best time of day to plan an indoor activity such as a museum tour, or a water sport where the cool ocean waters will keep the heat at bay. Early evening brings cooler weather back into play.


Average Temperature by Time of Day
Average Temperatures throughout the Day
Month Early
January 73.3° F 79.9° F 81.6° F 80.5° F 76.8° F 76.8° F
February 72.9° F 79.9° F 81.6° F 80.4° F 76.9° F 76.7° F
March 74.1° F 81.3° F 83.0° F 81.7° F 77.9° F 77.7° F
April 76.4° F 82.7° F 84.1° F 82.6° F 78.9° F 79.0° F
May 78.4° F 84.0° F 85.4° F 83.3° F 80.2° F 80.3° F
June 79.4° F 85.3° F 87.0° F 84.6° F 81.5° F 81.6° F
July 79.4° F 85.9° F 87.7° F 85.2° F 82.0° F 82.0° F
August 79.3° F 85.9° F 87.7° F 84.7° F 81.7° F 81.9° F
September 79.0° F 85.5° F 86.9° F 83.6° F 80.5° F 81.3° F
October 78.3° F 84.5° F 85.8° F 83.1° F 79.8° F 80.6° F
November 76.8° F 82.9° F 84.2° F 82.5° F 79.3° F 79.6° F
December 74.7° F 81.1° F 82.6° F 81.0° F 77.6° F 77.9° F
Annual 76.8° F 83.2° F 84.8° F 82.8° F 79.4° F 79.6° F



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