YS Falls

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This waterfall is the center of attention at the adventure park that has developed around it. More than for just relaxing at, this waterfall boasts zip-lines, rope swings, and wonderful hiking trails that you can walk to explore the jungle around. This waterfall truly has all the excitement of an amusement park while still maintaining its natural beauty.

This swimming paradise consists of seven layers of falls that cascade down into several pools. The thick canopy above the falls make it a prime location for relaxing in the shade, or taking to the skies in the fall's zip-lining adventure and seeing the falls from above. Of course, swimming in the falls is also an option, as the cool water is sure to be refreshing. However, do not expect a secluded and natural atmosphere, this attraction is developed and full of locals and tourist alike.


YS Falls is found 1.1 miles southeast of Redgate, a neighborhood in Saint Elizabeth Parish; it is 8.6 miles to the north of Black River.

YS Falls is located towards the center of the island and may be difficult to find for non-locals. Luckily, this is a popular tourist attraction and will be a planned trip for any tour group. However, if you want to drive there yourself, the waterfall is located directly to the South of Ipswich. While just South of Ipswich, just look out for the signs that will lead you to the falls.

Nearby Restaurants

If you find your belly rumbling after your waterfall visit, don't worry -- you'll discover numerous choices of dining possibilities in the general vicinity. Alvin's Fish & Jerk Pork Center is an ideal eatery to fill up at on your way to visiting this waterfall, and will be of particular interest to visitors looking for a convenient meal. Also close-by, you will encounter options like K & K Sport Bar & Jerk Center and Norma Bennett Snack Counter providing you with a fair number dining options.

Nearby Attractions

You'll find other activities nearby, including Apple Valley Park, which is four miles away Saint Elizabeth Parish. You might also think about making the trip to Appleton Estate Rum Distillery, which is another nearby attraction.

If a visit to the YS Falls isn't enough to keep you busy all afternoon, take a look at what is closest in the following table.

Attractions Near YS Falls
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Apple Valley Park -- 4.1 mi. (17.4 km) E 10.8 mi. Northeast of Black River
Appleton Estate Rum Distillery Other Attraction 6.4 mi. (20.1 km) E 12.5 mi. Northeast of Black River
Jamaica Fun Farm Museum 6.8 mi. (11.2 km) SE E Lacovia
Croydon in the Mountains --Other Places-- 9.2 mi. (23.0 km) NNW 14.3 mi. South of Montego Bay

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There is a main entrance fee to enter the falls of $15 and $7.50 for Adults and Children respectively. In addition, other activities such as zip-lining and tubing cost extra; $6 for twenty minutes of tubing and $42 and $20 for adult and children zip-lining.

Location: Saint Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica


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