Renting a Car in Jarabacoa

Get behind the wheel and see all the natural attractions that Jarabacoa has to offer

Jarabacoa's location in the center of a rain forested and mountainous region of the Dominican Republic lends itself to a lot of exploration. Tourists who prefer to strike out on their own and see the sites rather than hire a tour guide can do so with ease.

Renting a Car

The cost of renting a car in Jarabacoa ranges in price from between $55 to $125(USD) a day. This depends on the type of vehicle you rent, the extra amenities you may or may not ask for, whether or not you purchase insurance, where you rent from, and even the time of year you visit. Because of the terrain, it is recommended that you request a sports utility vehicle with good suspension and four-wheel drive, lest you run into an unpaved road that has become muddy with rain, or you get stuck in a pot hole and stranded. If you're looking for a good deal, try booking your car as part of a package with accommodations and air travel, visit during the off-season, or book with a local agency that is known for lower prices.

In order to pick up your rental, you'll need to make sure you have your passport and driver's license on hand, plus you'll need to be over the age of 21 at the least. Some places even require that you be older than 25. Also be aware that you'll need a credit card with the appropriate balance on it to pay for your rental plus the cost of a deposit, which varies by agency.

If you plan to travel with children, look into whether or not the place you're renting with offers child safety seats. Most likely, you will end up having to bring your own from home.

Francis Rent-A-Car is the one rental service our listing information includes. If you want more information, you can call them at (809) 574-2981, or visit them on Carr Federico Basilis Km 2 in the southern part of Jarabacoa.

Gas Stations

As you get out on the roads in Jarabacoa, it is important to keep local laws and driving conditions in mind, even if you find them similar to your home town. People on the island drive on the right side of the road, are required to buckle up, and are not allowed to talk on their cell phone while they drive. Local drivers can be aggressive and are known for honking their horns liberally. Don't let this intimidate you, just keep driving as safely as you can, keeping your eyes peeled for livestock, pedestrians, and cars without headlights if you're driving at night.

The roads here range from paved and well-maintained to filled with cracks and pot holes, to completely unpaved and covered in dirt, gravel, or sand. You may find it common that locals will offer you directions by listing landmarks rather than street names, and this is because so few streets actually have names. Also note that speed limits are posted in kilometers per hour. You'll typically see 100 kilometers per hour on the highways and 60 kilometers per hour within town.

As far as gas stations are concerned, it shouldn't be much trouble to find them in town, but always make sure to fill up before heading out on a long trip.

Due to the fact that there are are not many gas stations near Jarabacoa, be sure to check the table just below for some locations.

Gas Stations
Name Location
Esso Gas Jarabacoa Jarabacoa
Isla Gas Jarabacoa Jarabacoa
Shell Gas Jarabacoa Jarabacoa

Whether you want a rental for your whole trip or just for a day or two of exploring, Jarabacoa is a town where you'll definitely want a vehicle to help you get around.


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