Landmarks in Jolly Harbour

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There is much to recommend to tourists who are planning a visit to Jolly Harbour, from sailing to golf, and a buzzing nightlife scene as well.  However, those interested in mixing a bit of culture into their getaway will want to expand their horizons to just outside of this resort development.  If you're willing to drive just a few short miles, several museums, military structures, and historic ruins are some of the closest and most interesting local attractions.


The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda

In case you enjoy learning about unfamiliar places and cultures, you should consider visiting a museum while on vacation in Jolly Harbour. Click on the each name for complete information.

A common landmark for vacationers is The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. It is located in downtown St. John's, 4.8 mi. Northeast of central Jolly Harbour. Puruse this museum and discover the fascinating history of Antigua, from before European settlements to cultural experiences today. It may provide you with a new lens with which to view this tropical paradise.

The following chart provides you with more information about a few museums nearby.

Museums Near Jolly Harbour
Name Phone Location
National Hero's Park -- 5.8 mi. Northeast of Central Jolly Harbour
The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda (268) 462-1469 Downtown St. John's, 4.8 mi. Northeast of Central Jolly Harbour

Historical Sites

Fort James

Enjoy discovering the history of the places you visit? If that's the case, you might enjoy visiting a few of these historical attractions during your time in Jolly Harbour.

One popular destination is Greencastle Hill Park. It is situated 2.5 mi. East of central Jolly Harbour. One of the highest hills in Antigua, Greencastle Hill has been a popular place for hikers, tourist, and locals for most of recorded history. With beautiful views of the surrounding area, it is not uncommon to find people here simply enjoying the scenery.

Attractions Map

Another landmark worth visiting is Fort Barrington. It is located in Five Islands, 4.3 mi. North of central Jolly Harbour. Built in 1796, the British hoped that this fort would help protect the island from the French and other enemies, which it successfully did. Visitors to the site will be able to explore the old rooms and take in the breathtaking views from the position.

Fort James: Once of the earlier British forts on the island, Fort James was constructed in 1706 in fear of an eventual French invasion. Till this day it stands guard in front of St. John's Harbor, though now mainly as a tourist attraction.

Check the following table for more information about sites of historical interest nearby.

Historic Sites Near Jolly Harbour
Name Phone Location
Fort Barrington -- 4.3 mi. North of Central Jolly Harbour
Fort James -- 4.7 mi. North-Northeast of Central Jolly Harbour
Greencastle Hill Park -- 2.5 mi. East of Central Jolly Harbour
Old Sugar Factory -- 6.6 mi. East-Northeast of Central Jolly Harbour
Old Sugar Mill Ruins -- Cassada Gardens, 6.4 mi. Northeast of Central Jolly Harbour
St. John's Cathedral (268) 462-0820 Downtown St. John's, 4.9 mi. Northeast of Central Jolly Harbour
Sweets Windmill Ruins -- 5.0 mi. East of Central Jolly Harbour

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Vacationers will discover some other intriguing places worth visiting close to Jolly Harbour.

Miscellaneous Landmarks Near Jolly Harbour
Name Type Location Island
Stanford Cricket Ground Attraction 8.0 mi. Northeast of Central Jolly Harbour Antigua

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