Spas In Jolly Harbour

If you're staying at a luxury resort or boutique in Jolly Harbour, chances are they either have a spa on site or they keep a masseuse on staff for in room treatments  When there is no spa or wellness center to be seen, your concierge will be able to point you in the right direction.

Thinking a relaxing spa visit might be nice? In that case, you'll be pleased to discover several options.

If you're ready to unwind, you should consider Palms Wellness Centre. The extensive list of treatment options available at the wellness center include body wraps and scrubs, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, and a calming foot ritual. The center uses natural herbs and ingredient in their oils and lotions, so you can feel good about what you put on your body. They are located in southern Jolly Harbour.

Another good option is Curtain Bluff Spa. Each trip to the Curtain Bluff Spa is an experience that takes at least two hours, so if you're planning a visit make sure to carve enough time into your day. With them, you'll enjoy more than a massage, but be treated to a tranquil getaway without really going anywhere at all. You can reach them at (268) 462-8400.

A third option is Touch Therapies. At Touch, they use the island's offerings in their treatment. Peppermint, lemongrass, aloe, coconut oil, lemons, ginger, honey, carrots, and oatmeal are all used to create the most relaxing experience. They're located in Redcliffe Quay, 4.7 mi. Northeast of central Jolly Harbour.

Look through the following chart to learn a few quick facts.

Spas In And Around Jolly Harbour
Name Phone Location
Curtain Bluff Spa (268) 462-8400 4.7 mi. Southeast of Central Jolly Harbour
Equilibrium Health Spa (268) 462-7919 Redcliffe Quay, 4.7 mi. Northeast of Central Jolly Harbour
Palms Wellness Centre (268) 462-0061 Bolands, 0.3 mi. South of Central Jolly Harbour
Touch Therapies (268) 562-1286 Redcliffe Quay, 4.7 mi. Northeast of Central Jolly Harbour

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