Taxis in Jolly Harbour

Your trip to Jolly Harbour can be made easier by the use of local taxi services

A trip to a foreign country can be stressful when you begin to think about driving in a place where you don't know your way around and when you aren't as familiar with local driving laws as you would like. This is where taxis come in handy. Rather than rent a car and try and navigate the roads of Jolly Harbour, you can hire someone to do the hard work for you.

Taxi Companies

Because tourism is such an important part of the local economy, taxis are a staple in Jolly Harbour and throughout Antigua. You'll find them waiting outside of popular attractions, shopping areas, and hotels, so can wave one down if you need a ride. Or you can ask for help at your hotel (or any hotel you happen to be close to) -- and they'll call one to come pick you up.

It is also possible to call a taxi cab company and ask them to meet you at a certain place later on in the day, and you could feasibly have cab services lined up for the day before you leave your hotel room.

The following chart shows how to contact local taxi companies.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Oakland Rent-A-Car & Taxi Services (268) 462-3021 V.C. Bird International Airport - 3.5 mi. (5.7 km) East-Northeast of St. John's
St. John's Taxi Association (268) 786-3578 Heritage Quay - Downtown St. John's
United Taxi Association (268) 562-0262 V.C. Bird International Airport - 3.5 mi. (5.7 km) East-Northeast of St. John's

Rates, Fares, and Fees

...taxis in Jolly Harbour...are not metered...


The most important thing to know about taxis in Jolly Harbour is that they are not metered. Rates are set by the local taxi cab association based upon your destination, and include the passage of up to four people. Every additional body you add to the cab will cost an extra $6(USD), and on that note, each person is allotted one piece of luggage. Each extra parcel put in the trunk will cost another $2.50(USD). Taxis are happy to help you run your errands, or wait for you outside of an attraction, but it will cost you an extra $5(USD) per half hour.

When you get in the cab, make sure to ask your driver to see the rate card, and discuss with him or her how much the trip will cost to avoid the surprise of your fare when you arrive at your final destination.

Wondering about local taxi rates? See the following chart.

Typical Fares Around Jolly Harbour
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 18.00 St. John's Jolly Harbour
$ 16.00 Deepwater Harbour Jolly Harbour
$ 24.00 V.C. Bird International Airport Jolly Harbour

Your driver depends upon tips as a major source of income, so if he or she has done a great job, tip them accordingly. Fifteen percent of your total bill is typical.

You are also able to hire your driver by the hour, or to act as your tour guide. Because these people have often lived in and around Jolly Harbour their whole lives, they have a special understanding of local attractions and may have stories to tell that you wouldn't hear otherwise. If it seems you get along with your driver, feel free to set up a tour for a later time. The going rate is $24(USD) an hour.

Jolly Harbour is known for its friendly and well-regulated taxi service, so if you decide this is the transportation service you'd like to choose, know you are in good hands.


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