Attractions on Jost Van Dyke

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Sailing, snorkeling, diving, and drinking are the four major pastimes on the small, minimally inhabited island of Jost Van Dyke.  In order to get much else done, you're typically required to visit another island in the British Virgin Islands chain, but there are a few things that can easily occupy your time right on the island – most of which revolve around water.  


White Bay Beach

You will find a small variety of beaches to choose from on the island. Snorkeling is available at several locations, for visitors who enjoy the underwater scene. You can click on each beach name for detailed information about that individual beach.

White Bay Beach: A long stretch of curving beach, this spot is very popular with boaters because its located on the smaller island of Jost Van Dyke.

A second alternative to consider is Green Cay Beach. Green Cay is a speck of an island east of Little Jost Van Dyke and extremely isolated. A few people may pepper this beach, but otherwise you'll be alone in paradise if you make the journey here.

Sandy Spit: Sandy Spit is an tiny speck of an island entirely surrounded in soft white sand. There's a drop of vegetation on this island, with a few wispy palm trees.

These are just some of the places worth checking out Read this page if you want to get additional facts.

Landmark Attractions

Callwood Historic Distillery

Belmont Archaeological Site is a historical site just outside of Jost Van Dyke. Belmont is an archeological site near North Sound in which archeologists have procured dozens of objects from the Ostinoid period, helping them to piece together pieces of the historical puzzle regarding what life was like on the islands between the years 900 and 1 B.C.

Another landmark worth visiting is Vigilant Sloop. It is found in Frenchman's Cay, Southeast of Jost Van Dyke. Vigilant is the mascot for sailing in the British Virgin Islands. The traditional wooden boat is 25-feet long and one of three original Tortola Sloops remaining in the islands.

St. Michael Church Ruins: Once reportedly headed by a pirate priest, St. Michael Church now stands in ruins on the North Beach Coast.

These examples are only a few of what's available. For more details about other interesting places to visit this topic, go to this guide to other interesting landmarks near Jost Van Dyke.

Natural Attractions

Sage Mountain National Park

Diamond Cay National Park is one of the outdoor tourist attractions you might enjoy visiting. <p>One of Jost Van Dyke's smallest natural attractions is Diamond Cay National Park. This tiny little swatch of land off the coast of Long Bay near the Diamond Cay Marine is accessible by walking along a sand bar that can easily be covered in high tide. It is a fun jaunt, but not much to be seen.</p>

Another place that's popular with visitors is Little Tobago - Great Tobago National Park. <p>Tobago Cay, at the northwest corner of the British Virgin Islands chain is home to Great Tobago (210 acres) and Little Tobago (55 acres) of protected lands established in 1995 as national parks. Birders visit these island because it is the only nesting site in the British Virgin Islands for frigate birds, and divers love the waters around Mercurious Rock.</p>

Jost Van Dyke has some other natural attractions. Click on this link to view our article concerning natural attractions on and around the island.


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