Diamond Cay National Park

One of Jost Van Dyke's smallest natural attractions is Diamond Cay National Park. This tiny little swatch of land off the coast of Long Bay near the Diamond Cay Marine is accessible by walking along a sand bar that can easily be covered in high tide. It is a fun jaunt, but not much to be seen.

Diamond Cay National Park is a 1.5 acre islet covered in sand, sea grass, rocks, and trees. The parcel of land exists mostly as a resting place for birds.

Birders may take interest in this spot, which is home to tern, boobies, and pelicans.


Located on the eastern side of the island of Jost Van Dyke, Diamond Cay National Park happily welcomes local residents and travelers who are lodging on this part of the island. Even if you aren't staying nearby, you are free to stop by to enjoy a great time. It is 1.8 miles east of Great Harbour.

Nearby Restaurants

There are several picks of dining options to choose from in the neighborhood surrounding the nature preserve. The most proximate eatery to Diamond Cay National Park is Foxy's Taboo Restaurant, which sells Mediterranean fare. The eatery is a brief ways away, but far-removed enough that you might decide to make arrangements for having a viable method of transport to visit there. Harris' Place and Sidney's Peace and Love are a couple other food and drink options near Diamond Cay National Park. At Sidney's Peace and Love you should be sure to test out Caribbean cuisine and enjoy the local foods and culture of the Virgin Islands.

Nearby Attractions

Additional nearby attractions include St. Michael Church Ruins, which is within traveling range in Great Carrot Bay. You might also want to consider visiting Belmont Archaeological Site, which is another attraction nearby.

If your taste for travel keeps you looking for new activity and attraction options, you'll find the closest ones in the following table.

Attractions Near Diamond Cay National Park
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
St. Michael Church Ruins Historic Site 4.2 mi. (5.7 km) SE Great Carrot Bay
Belmont Archaeological Site Historic Site 4.2 mi. (7.8 km) SE Long Bay
North Shore Shell Museum Museum 4.3 mi. (5.9 km) SE Little Carrot Bay
John Lettsom House Historic Site 4.5 mi. (4.5 km) ESE Cane Garden Bay

More Information


Although there are no official hours, you can visit the islet between sun up and sun down.


There is no charge to walk onto Diamond Cay National Park.

Location: Jost Van Dyke


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