Map of the Area Around Sandcastle Hotel

1 | Cherry Ghut Bay

This bay is located on Jost Van Dyke, 0.8 miles (1.2 km) from Sandcastle Hotel.

2 | North Side Bay

Interested visitors can find this bay on Jost Van Dyke, 0.4 miles (0.7 km) north of Sandcastle Hotel.

3 | Saddle Bay

This bay is only 0.6 miles (0.9 km) west of Sandcastle Hotel.

4 | White Bay

A white sand beach on Jost Van Dyke island, White Bay is flanked by villas and hotels. There is also a heavy amount of greenery behind the beach, standing in contrast to the light colored sand.

Make your way a short distance to the east from Sandcastle Hotel to reach this beach.

5 | Ivan's Bar

This bar is a short distance from Sandcastle Hotel, and is on the same premises as Ivan's White Bay Campground.

10 | Stony Bay

Sandcastle Hotel is a short distance (about a kilometer) northeast of this bay.

6 | White Bay Campground

Set aside the stresses of your busy life and truly get away from it all at Ivan's White Bay Campground. With the option to set up camp, or to rent a little cabin, you'll feel all of your worries wash away as you unplug and get back to nature and yourself.

Travel a short distance to the east from Sandcastle Hotel to find this campground, which is located on the shoreline.

7 | White Bay Villas & Cottages

Getaway from the busy lifestyle you are used to back home with a stay at White Bay Villas and Seaside Cottages. Vacationers will find the area to be uncrowded, crime-free, and as tranquil as one might imagine a Caribbean island could possibly be.

Travel about a hundred yards (a few hundred meters) from Ivan's White Bay Campground to reach this villa complex, which is situated on the water.

11 | White Bay

Voted as one of the top beaches in the British Virgin Islands by Caribbean Travel & Life, White Bay is one you won't want to miss.

Go a short distance from Sandcastle Hotel to get to this bay.

13 | Wild West Wall

For any divers hoping to catch a glimpse of dolphins while exploring the underwater world of the British Virgin Islands, the Wild West Wall is a must go! The Wild West Wall is a maximum of seventy feet deep and full of marine animals like lobsters, squid, and eels.

From Sandcastle Hotel, this dive site will be found offshore, within a mile to the south.

The above map shows the 10 points of interest visitors can find within a mile of Sandcastle Hotel. 6 and one or two additional lodging possibilities (see navy pins) are situated within easy reach of the hotel. Also, don't miss the chance to enjoy one of the region's 5 nearby bays.

To get more information about the available options nearby, or to get a more detailed view of the area, click on various points to navigate about the map. The numbers shown on the points above correspond with those found in the following chart.

Points of Interest Near Sandcastle Hotel
Map No. Type Name Distance from Hotel
1 Bay Cherry Ghut Bay 0.8 mi. (1.2 km)
2 Bay North Side Bay 0.4 mi. (0.7 km)
3 Bay Saddle Bay 0.6 mi. (0.9 km)
4 Beach White Bay Beach 0.3 mi. (0.5 km)
5 Bar Ivan's Stress Free Bar 0.4 mi. (0.6 km)
6 Lodging Ivan's White Bay Campground 0.4 mi. (0.6 km)
7 Villas White Bay Villas & Seaside Cottages 0.4 mi. (0.7 km)
10 Bay Stony Bay 0.6 mi. (0.9 km)
11 Bay White Bay 0.2 mi. (0.4 km)
13 Dive Site Wild West Wall 0.6 mi. (1.0 km)


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