Taxis on Jost Van Dyke

Call ahead and your driver will pick you up wherever you need them to on Jost Van Dyke

Most tourists opt to avoid renting a vehicle on the tiny island of Jost Van Dyke in lieu of walking from place to place. Hailing a cab is a great option for those times when you need to be somewhere in a hurry or you just aren't up for walking.

Taxi Companies

Due to the low local population, taxi drivers are in somewhat of short supply, so you will have to call the cab company and let them know when and where you will be in need of their services. It is rare that you will have the opportunity to hail a taxi on the streets, but if you do, it will likely be at the ferry and cruise terminals. Drivers tend to mill around these locations when they are anticipating an arrival and know they will be able to procure business.

Taxis do not have a set body style on the island, and can range from a small four door vehicle to a 10 passenger van. You'll be able to discern taxis from other vehicles by the letters “TX” in the license plate and a dome light on the roof.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

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Rates are set by the government rather than metered by mile, so you'll always know how much you're going to pay to get from one location to the next when you're taking a cab on Jost Van Dyke. Still, it is best to confirm with your driver so you aren't surprised by the end result. There are a few added fees that can take you by surprise when tacked on, like the $1(USD) per extra piece of luggage, the $15(USD) pet fee, the $10(USD) per 15 minute wait when you make a stop (after the first 15 minutes, which are free), and the 30 percent upcharge for traveling between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Even though the rates are set, you can estimate your fare ahead of time by looking at the mileage. Below is a chart that will give you an idea of what to expect.

Jost Van Dyke Taxi Rates by Distance
Distance TravelledSingle RiderPer Person Fare for Two RidersFare Per Person for Three or More
1 Mile $3.00 (USD) $3.00 (USD) $3.00 (USD)
5 Miles $14.00 (USD) $9.00 (USD) $7.00 (USD)
10 Miles $28.00 (USD) $17.00 (USD) $14.00 (USD)
15 Miles $42.00 (USD) $26.00 (USD) $21.00 (USD)
20 Miles $56.00 (USD) $35.00 (USD) $28.00 (USD)
25 Miles $70.00 (USD) $44.00 (USD) $35.00 (USD)

With the above scale in mind, the typical in-town taxi fare will run you about $6.00 per person.

You can also hire your cab driver to take you on a tour of the island lasting up to four hours. This is a great way to see the sites while getting a local's perspective on the importance of them. Plus, many tourists prefer this route because it is more flexible and personally catered over many other tours you might sign up for.

Jost Van Dyke Taxi Tour Fee
Party Size1 Hour Tour2 Hour TourThree Hour TourFour Hour Tour
Single or Double Rider $55.00 (USD) $110.00 (USD) $165.00 (USD) $220.00 (USD)
Three Riders $70.00 (USD) $130.00 (USD) $190.00 (USD) $250.00 (USD)
Four Riders $85.00 (USD) $150.00 (USD) $215.00 (USD) $280.00 (USD)
Five Riders $100.00 (USD) $170.00 (USD) $240.00 (USD) $310.00 (USD)
Each Additional Rider $15.00 (USD) $20.00 (UDS) $25.00 (USD) $30.00 (USD)

The customary tip for a cab driver on Jost Van Dyke is 15 percent of your total bill, however, if you feel your driver has gone above and beyond, your driver will surely appreciate you tipping the amount you feel he or she is worthy of. In addition to the base tip, add another $1 to $2(USD) per bag you've stored in the trunk of the taxi.

For tourists who don't feel comfortable driving themselves around, or simply need a break from walking everywhere, hiring a taxi to take you from place to place is preferable on Jost Van Dyke.


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