How to Reach Juan Dolio by Airplane

There are two airports within driving distance of Juan Dolio

The most popular way to get to the the Dominican Republic is to fly. Travelers heading to Juan Dolio make no exception, and will often fly to Santo Domingo's Las Américas International Airport. But there is another option for tourists to consider: La Isabela Airport in a nearby suburb of Santo Domingo.

About Aeuropuerto Internacional Las Américas

Las Américas International Airport (SDQ), which is located east of Santo Domingo in Boca Chica, is the second busiest airport in the the Dominican Republic and home to the largest runway in the country. It measures 11,002 feet long, and is capable of handing a Boeing 747 jumbo jet. Three million passengers are serviced by this airport each year, and the airport is known for being busy as well as for having customs officials that are not very amiable. Features of the airport include a Banco de Reservas where you can exchange your money to Dominican pesos, and a bank of automatic teller machines (ATMs) that can do the same.

About La Isabela International Airport

Although much smaller and much less used, La Isabela Airport (JBQ) is another option for tourists headed to Juan Dolio. The airport is located in Higüero and is typically used for chartered flights.

Flying to Juan Dolio from the US

You'll easily be able to find flights to the Dominican Republic from the United States by checking with many of the major airlines including Delta Airlines, Jet Blue, and American Airlines. Flights will typically travel here from regional hubs like John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, which will allow even more tourists to access the area by making connecting flights.

If you'll be flying from the U.S. this chart may be helpful. Not all of the flight combinations you will see displayed on the web are logical choices so it helps to know which airlines actually offer direct service to this airport.

Las Américas International Airport U.S. Flights
To/From Airport Code Airlines
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA FLL Jet Blue, Spirit Airlines
Miami, FL, USA MIA American Airlines
Orlando, FL, USA MCO Jet Blue
La Romana International Airport U.S. Flights
To/From Airport Code Airlines
Miami, FL, USA MIA American Airlines, American Eagle

Flying to Juan Dolio from Canada

Flights from Canada are not so easy to come by. In fact, most Canadians will fly to Santo Domingo by hired charter.

Flying to Juan Dolio from Europe

Whether you're traveling from Paris, Gremany, or the United Kingdom, you'll find there to be flights available to you at least once a week – sometimes more during the height of tourist season.

Flying to Juan Dolio from the Caribbean

Traveling to Juan Dolio from another country in the Caribbean is not uncommon, and most people will arrive from Sint Maarten, Puerto Rico, or the Turks and Caicos. You'll mostly see regional carriers making these trips, but there are some international airlines such as American Eagle that do so on occasion as well.

Check the following table for air service from other Caribbean airports. Even if you can't take a flight from an airport near your home, a connecting flight from another regional airport could be a good solution.

Las Américas International Airport Caribbean Flights
To/From Airport Code Airlines
Anguilla AXA Winair
Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda ANU LIAT
Isla Verde, Puerto Rico SJU Jet Blue, Seaborne Airlines
Martinique FDF Air Antilles Express, Air Caraibes, Air France
Pointe a Pitre, Grande-Terre PTP Air Antilles Express, Air Caraibes, Air France
Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands PLS Intercaribbean Airways
Punta Cana, Hispaniola PUJ Air France
Simpson Bay, The island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten SXM InselAir
Willemstad, Curacao CUR InselAir
the BVI, British Virgin Islands EIS Winair
La Romana International Airport Caribbean Flights
To/From Airport Code Airlines
Isla Verde, Puerto Rico SJU Seaborne Airlines

Next Stop, Juan Dolio

If you're planning to rent a car, you'll be able to do so by stopping by the bank of rental car agencies located just outside of baggage claim. You may have to fight your way through a sea of local hustlers looking to sell you knock off wares and even pick up unguarded bags and make off with them, so keep your guard up at all times within the airport. Renting a car will cost you between $30 and $120(USD), and after leaving the airport you'll travel east on Route 3, you'll find Juan Dolio after about a half an hour of driving.

Taxis are another option, and can be found driving around outside of customs. The cost of a taxi is set based upon destination, so just ask the driver for their rate card before you take off so you are aware of the cost. Though the price may change, you can expect to pay around $60(USD) for four passengers.

As you're planning your trip to Juan Dolio, you'll quickly learn that flying is going to be the fastest, easiest, and even cheapest option. More often than not you'll find a flight to Las Américas International Airport to be your best choice, but keep La Isabela Airport in your sights in case a deal pops up.


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