Rental Cars in Juan Dolio

You can rent a car in Juan Dolio for a reasonable price

Not every visitors will need to rent a vehicle for their stay in Juan Dolio, but those who have big plans for exploring the area and seeing all the attractions of the region will probably find this to be the least expensive option.

Renting a Car

Because Juan Dolio is located so close to Santo Domingo, the majority of visitors who rent a car will simply pick up their rental outside of baggage claim at the Las Américas International Airport and drive to their accommodations. While this may ideal for some, it is not a necessity. You can get to town by other means, and either pick up your rental there or in some cases have it delivered to you by the agency you rent with at no extra charge.

The type of exploring you plan on doing will determine the type of vehicle you'll need to rent. If you'll stick to town and major highways, a simple sedan will be just fine. If you are going to drive off course and see some of the natural sites, you'll likely encounter more rugged spots and be in need of a sports utility vehicle with good suspension and four-wheel drive. The cost of a rental ranges from $55 to $125(USD) a day, and SUVs are typically priced on the higher end, but the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you're safer from pot holes and on the unpaved roads is worth it for many.

The requirements for renting a car here are that you must be over the age of 21, possess a driver's license, and present your passport. You'll also need to be able to pay in full before you pick the vehicle up, and be able to put down a credit card with enough of a balance to pay a deposit which will be refunded to you when you return the rental.

As mentioned, many tourists will simply ren their car from Santo Domingo. Click here to see a listing of companies in Santo Domingo, as well as some price ranges.

Gas Stations

Road conditions, driving laws, gas stations. These are all things to consider when you're planning on driving in Juan Dolio. First up, road conditions: they aren't the best. While there are a few paved roads, and the highways are well maintained, roads with cracks and pot holes are equally as common. You'll also encounter plenty of areas where the roads are just gravel or dirt paths through brush. This is where the sports utility vehicles will come in especially handy.

Driving laws, meanwhile, are not too different than those in the United States. Most notably, they drive on the right side of the road there (which is unusual in the Caribbean). You'll have to wear a seat belt when the car is in motion, and chatting on a cell phone while you are behind the wheel is not allowed. One difference is that speed limit signs read in kilometers per hour. You'll typically see 100 kilometers per hour on the highways and 60 kilometers per hour in town. Be aware that local drivers can be aggressive and aren't afraid to honk their horn to let you know that they are in a hurry or that they don't like the way you're driving. Ignore the sound and just worry about being safe. Keep your eyes peeled for pedestrians on the road as well as livestock, and even cars without headlights at night.

Finally, gas stations are not hard to come by in town, but you should always be sure to fill up before heading out, and think about topping off any time you're near half a tank and a gas station is in sight.

As there are a limited number of gas stations near the surrounding area, be sure to take a look at the table directly below to see where some of the companies are located.

Gas Stations
Name Location
Gas Cabral San Pedro De Macoris
Gas Orlando Martinez San Pedro De Macoris
Shell Gas Station San Pedro De Macoris San Pedro De Macoris

Renting a car shouldn't be a hassle, and agencies in Juan Dolio do what they can to make it easy. Make reservations in advance and bring all the appropriate paperwork with you to help make it an even smoother process.


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