Map of Attractions in Kingston

1 | Christelle's Gaming

Situated at 184 Constant Spring Road, this gambling arcade is located north of Kingston.

2 | Constant Spring Golf Club

The course offers some pleasant views of Jamaica's mountainous interior. The breathtaking tee shot on the 13th is one of the highlights, but the hole is also one of the trickiest. Playing downhill, you'll be tempted to go for the green, but the slightest inaccuracy will leave you in unreachable rough.

This golf course is located at 152 C Spring Road, and is only 0.4 miles (0.7 km) northeast of Christelle's Gaming.

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1 | National Heroes Park

This park is located less than a mile away from the center of downtown Kingston.

2 | Emmett Park

Guests will find this park a half mile (three quarters of a kilometer) to the southeast of National Heroes Park.

3 | Sabina Park

Go a couple hundred yards (a few hundred meters) from Emmett Park to get to this park.

1 | Jamaica National Gallery

If you're looking for the largest public art gallery in the Caribbean, you're in the right place. With a focus on local and regional artists, there is much to see in this gallery.

Interested guests will be able to find this art museum at 12 Ocean Boulevard, just 0.5 miles (0.7 km) from the center of downtown Kingston.

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2 | Saint William Grant Park

National Gallery of Jamaica is a half mile (three quarters of a kilometer) to the south of this park.

3 | Bank of Jamaica Money Museum

View the history of Jamaica as told through its driving force: money. From the first penny ever spent on the island, to the money of the day, the history of the island unfolds through the telling of how money influenced it all.

Situated on the ocean, this museum is just 0.5 miles (0.8 km) south-southeast of Saint William Grant Park.

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1 | Rockfort Mineral Spa

One of the oldest public facilities on the island, Rockfort Mineral Spa is not a spa as you might imagine a day spa. Instead, it is a natural mineral bath known for its healing properties.

Vacationers will find this spa in the southeastern part of Kingston, a mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) to the northwest of the center of Harbour View.

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1 | Port Royal

Immortalized by tales of British Navy-men and stories of pirates, Port Royal was the capital of early Jamaica and the stronghold of the British Empire in the New World. Originally in Spanish possession, the British were able to seize the area take control of this vital site in 1655.

Go 3.8 miles (6.2 km) to the southeast from the center of Portmore to get to this historical site, which is located on the ocean.

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1 | Dunrobin Acres Private Park

Travel north-northwest for 1.3 miles (2.0 km) from the center of Kingston to reach this park.

2 | Macau Gaming Lounge

A hip club atmosphere meets with a casino at Macau Gaming Lounge, where you can play the slots between drinking and dancing.

Interested visitors can find this gambling arcade at 28 Lindsay Crescent, a short distance from Dunrobin Acres Private Park.

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1 | Bob Marley Museum

Jamaica is known for a great many things, and one of them is the legend of reggae music, Mr. Bob Marley. The Bob Marley Museum is the former home of Marley, and focuses on the man's life and achievements.

Situated at 56 Hope Road, this museum is one and a quarter miles (two kilometers) to the east-northeast of the center of Kingston.

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2 | Acropolis Barbican

Set in the Loshusan Mall in Kingston, Acropolis is a multi-style gaming facility where you can sit down as well as play a few table games. One thing Acropolis is particularly known for is their promotional nights where you can win extras like more game tokens or a free dinner.

This casino is located at 29 East Kings House Road, and is 0.5 miles (0.8 km) from Bob Marley Museum.

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1 | College Green Communtiy Park

This park is situated three miles (four and a half kilometers) to the east of the center of Kingston.

2 | Hope Pastures Park

This park is situated a few hundred yards (a quarter kilometer) from College Green Communtiy Park.

3 | Hope Gardens

Featuring over 200 acres of land, the Hope Gardens have been serving as a place to escape to in Jamaica for over a century. The finely crafted and designed gardens are not to be missed if exploring the area.

This botanical garden is on Old Hope Road, and is east of Hope Pastures Park.

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1 | Mandela Park

Head about a hundred yards (a couple hundred meters) from the center of Kingston to get to this park.

2 | Monte Carlo Gaming Lounge

10,000 square feet of space makes up the Monte Carlo Gaming Lounge. This locale is one of the most popular bars and casinos in Jamaica.

Head a half mile (less than a kilometer) north-northeast from Mandela Park to reach this grill, which is located within Terra Nova All Suite Hotel.

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3 | Devon House

Devon House is a unique landmark. On an island filled with historic plantation houses once owned by white slave owners, Devon house was built by Jamaica's first black millionaire, George Stielbel.

Interested guests can find this historical site at 26 Hope Road, a short distance away southeast of Monte Carlo Gaming Lounge.

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1 | Jamaica Pegasus Derby Room

Situated within Jamaica Pegasus, this slot machine arcade is one and a quarter miles (two kilometers) south west of the center of Kingston.

1 | Emancipation Park

Emancipation Park opened in July 2002 to celebrate the journey that Jamaica has made as a nation from the dark days of slavery to today. Well manicured lawns and vibrant flora give this park a peaceful feel.

This park can be found on the beach, and is only 0.8 miles (1.3 km) from the center of Kingston.

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1 | Founders Park

Guests will find this park in the eastern part of Kingston, three and a half miles (five and a half kilometers) to the east of the center of Kingston.

1 | Vin Lawrence Park

The center of downtown Kingston is located a mile and a half (two kilometers) to the southeast of this park.

2 | Trench Town Yard

Designated a protected site in order to preserve and promote national heritage in 2007, the Trench Town Culture Yard was built by the Jamaican government during the 1940s as subsidized housing for the poor that promoted communal living. It is perhaps best known by tourists as the place where reggae great Bob Marley grew up and the Wailers were formed, but when they arrive to tour the yard, they find a unique look at how the leaders of the island expected their lower class people to live.

This museum is in the heart of Kingston, about a hundred yards (a few hundred meters) from Vin Lawrence Park.

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The interactive map above highlights the approximate location of 25 attractions in Kingston.

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Points of Interest Near Kingston
Click to Show Name (Click to Read Article) Area/Vicinity (Click to Show on Map)
Acropolis Barbican Northeastern part of Kingston
Bank of Jamaica Money Museum Downtown Kingston
Bob Marley Museum Central Kingston
Christelle's Gaming Northern part of Kingston
College Green Communtiy Park 2.8 mi. East of Central Kingston
Constant Spring Golf Club Northern part of Kingston
Devon House Central Kingston
Dunrobin Acres Private Park 1.3 mi. North-Northwest of Central Kingston
Emancipation Park Central Kingston
Emmett Park 0.7 mi. Northeast of Downtown Kingston
Founders Park 3.4 mi. East of Central Kingston
Hope Gardens 3.3 mi. East of Central Kingston
Hope Pastures Park 3.0 mi. East-Northeast of Central Kingston
Jamaica Pegasus Derby Room 1.2 mi. South West of Central Kingston
Macau Gaming Lounge Northern part of Kingston
Mandela Park Central Kingston
Monte Carlo Gaming Lounge Central Kingston
National Gallery of Jamaica Downtown Kingston
National Heroes Park 0.9 mi. North of Downtown Kingston
Port Royal 3.8 mi. Southeast of Central Portmore
Rockfort Mineral Spa 1.5 mi. Northwest of Central Harbour View
Sabina Park 0.8 mi. Northeast of Downtown Kingston
Saint William Grant Park Downtown Kingston
Trench Town Culture Yard Museum 1.3 mi. Northwest of Downtown Kingston
Vin Lawrence Park 1.4 mi. Northwest of Downtown Kingston


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