Kingston Buses

If you have plans to explore more of Jamaica than just Kingston, then you're in a great position.  There are several buses the operate on a daily basis, taking visitors to several other cities in the area at low prices. 

In Kingston, buses are operated by the Jamaican Urban Transit Company (JUTC), and there are over 600 buses made by Volvo and Mercedes-Benz that run in the capital city was well as Spanish Town and Portmore. 

If you're headed in the direction of the north coast, find the downtown bus stop, and if you're going in the direction of Spanish Town or Mandeville, you'll go to the bus stop at Half Way Tree. 

Buses cost $1(USD) if you're staying in town, or $1.50 to $2(USD) if you're on your way out. When you reach your destination, signal to the driver and he will let you off as soon as he sees you. 

Local buses are crowded, without air conditioning, and only accept Jamaican Dollars (and will rarely offer change for large bills). Buses are not the most reliable source of transportation because they don't seem to run on a set schedule, but make sure to keep local currency on you in small bills and change if you plan to make use of them. 

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
JUTC Above Rocks Route Kingston Bus Terminal Above Rocks Bus Stop
JUTC Constant Spring Route Kingston Bus Terminal Constant Spring Bus Stop
JUTC Hellshire Route Kingston Bus Terminal Hellshire Bus Stop
JUTC Port Royal Route Kingston Bus Terminal Port Royal Bus Terminal
JUTC Portmore Route Kingston Bus Terminal Portmore Bus Terminal
JUTC Spanish Town Route Kingston Bus Terminal Spanish Town Bus Terminal
Knutsford Express Southern Route Knutsford Express Kingston Terminal Savanna la Mar Knutsford Express Bus Terminal, Knutsford Express Mandeville Terminal, Luana Knutsford Express Knutsford Express Negril Terminal

The bus is just one of many transportation options available to those staying in Kingston that can all be used in conjunction with one another to create a getaway in which travel is done with ease.


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