Kingston Landmarks

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The town that raised up legend Bob Marley is dominated by attractions that depend on his name for popularity, celebrating both his musical talent as well as the way he grew up.  There are also several historic buildings including churches and homes that provide a glimpse into the past as well as some unique museums that are also culturally relevant. 


Bob Marley Museum

Assuming you like to expand your knowledge of other places and cultures, you should consider visiting a museum during your time in Kingston. You can click on the museum names for more information.

A landmark worth visiting is Bob Marley Museum. It is located in central Kingston. Jamaica is known for a great many things, and one of them is the legend of reggae music, Mr. Bob Marley. The Bob Marley Museum is the former home of Marley, and focuses on the man's life and achievements.

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Another popular destination is National Gallery of Jamaica. It is situated in downtown Kingston. If you're looking for the largest public art gallery in the Caribbean, you're in the right place. With a focus on local and regional artists, there is much to see in this gallery.

Bank of Jamaica Money Museum: The museum is open Monday through Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The chart directly below offers some key facts concerning museums you might enjoy in Kingston.

Museums In Kingston
Name Phone Location
Bank of Jamaica Money Museum (876) 922-0750 Downtown Kingston
Bob Marley Museum (876) 978-2929 Central Kingston
National Gallery of Jamaica (876) 922-1561 ext. 3 Downtown Kingston
Trench Town Culture Yard Museum (876) 572-4085 1.3 mi. Northwest of Downtown Kingston

Historical Sites

Devon House

Like learning about the history of places you visit? If yes, you should consider visiting one or two of these historical attractions while on vacation in Kingston.

A landmark that often intrigues visitors is Devon House. It is located within central Kingston. Devon House is a unique landmark. On an island filled with historic plantation houses once owned by white slave owners, Devon house was built by Jamaica's first black millionaire, George Stielbel.

A second choice is St. Peter's Church. It's a historical site in the center of Kingston. Some of the most unique artifacts at St. Peter's Church include a communion plate donated by Sir Henry Morgan and the tomb of Lewis Galdye, which tells us that he was swallowed up in an earth quake, then spit out of the earth into the ocean, where he swam until he was picked up by a boat.

Port Royal: Immortalized by tales of British Navy-men and stories of pirates, Port Royal was the capital of early Jamaica and the stronghold of the British Empire in the New World. Originally in Spanish possession, the British were able to seize the area take control of this vital site in 1655.

Look through the following chart for information concerning historical sites in and around Kingston.

Historic Sites In and Around Kingston
Name Phone Location
18 Century Iron Bridge -- 0.3 mi. East of Central Spanish Town
Devon House (876) 929-6602 Central Kingston
Old Court House -- 0.3 mi. Northwest of Central Spanish Town
Port Royal -- 3.8 mi. Southeast of Central Portmore
St. Peter's Church -- 1.6 mi. North of Downtown Kingston

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Vacationers may experience some other interesting attractions in this area.

Miscellaneous Landmarks In Kingston
Name Type Location Island
Redstripe Plant Attraction Western Kingston Jamaica

If you are looking for a wider variety of attractions beyond this category, you might want to cast a wider net. Navigate here to see our page dedicated to other interesting attractions for Kingston.


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