Natural Attractions in Kingston

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Kingston has a symbiotic relationship with the nearby Blue Mountains region.  Those who vacation in the tranquil mountains often make their way into the city when they need a break from the quiet, while those who stay in Kingston can head inland and explore what natural sites are laid out for 28 bountiful miles.  If you'd rather stick to Kingston during your entire stay, there are a few parks that make it easy to do. 

Nature Preserves and Hiking

The Blue Mountains National Park

Do you want to enjoy more of your vacation out in the fresh air? You may be happy to learn the area has an interesting nature preserve nearby.

The Blue Mountains National Park is a great nature preserve located in the Blue Mountains, Northeast of Kingston. The peaks of the Blue Mountains rise to an altitude of 7402 feet above sea level, with dangerous terrain typifying the area. Though camping and hiking are permitted, these activities are best done with a knowledgeable guide.

Nature Preserves and Hiking Near Kingston
Name Type Location Island
The Blue Mountains National Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 11.2 mi. Northeast of Central Kingston Jamaica

Waterfalls and Caves

Even though most people visiting the area have heard about the beautiful water and coastline, that isn't the only way to experience the natural beauty of the land. Areas near Kingston some great choices, including two waterfalls and a cave.

You may enjoy visiting Tacky Falls, which is located in Portland Parish, Northeast of Kingston. For a truly natural wonder, Tacky Falls is the secluded place to be. This hidden treasure is a mix of nature trail, swimming pool, and water park; it will not be a place you will soon forget, if you can manage to find it.

The table just below provides you with a few details concerning waterfalls and caves.

Waterfalls and Caves Near Kingston
Name Type Location
Tacky Falls Waterfall 3.1 mi. West of Central Hope Bay
Two Sister Cave Cave 6.7 mi. South of Central Portmore

Parks and Botanical Gardens

Hope Gardens

Travelers can spend some time in one of the many parks, or 2 botanical gardens in Kingston.

If you enjoy tropical vegetation, consider visiting Struan Castle Garden, which is Stony Hill, in northern Kingston. You can access Struan Castle Garden from Constant Spring Road by passing Manor Park heading towards Stony Hill. Turn right onto Seaview Road then left onto Air Castle Road.

Another popular attraction in this category is Emancipation Park. You can access Emancipation Park via both Oxford Road and Knutsford Boulevard.

The parks and gardens available are summarized in the table below.

Parks and Gardens In Kingston
Name Type Location
College Green Communtiy Park Park 2.8 mi. East of Central Kingston
Dunrobin Acres Private Park Park 1.3 mi. North-Northwest of Central Kingston
Emancipation Park Park Central Kingston
Emmett Park Park 0.7 mi. Northeast of Downtown Kingston
Founders Park Park 3.4 mi. East of Central Kingston
Hope Gardens Botanical Garden 3.3 mi. East of Central Kingston
Hope Pastures Park Park 3.0 mi. East-Northeast of Central Kingston
Mandela Park Park Central Kingston
National Heroes Park Park 0.9 mi. North of Downtown Kingston
Sabina Park Park 0.8 mi. Northeast of Downtown Kingston
Saint William Grant Park Park Downtown Kingston
Struan Castle Garden Botanical Garden 4.4 mi. North of Central Kingston
Vin Lawrence Park Park 1.4 mi. Northwest of Downtown Kingston

Needless to say, you can find a nice selection of types of attractions. Click here to find our article concerning other interesting attractions for Kingston.


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