Boating and Sailing Near Kingston

New on the map of places to sail in the Caribbean, Kingston is a port to consider

The recent removal of a high number of heavy fees has opened up the idea of sailing to Jamaica to a whole new wave of yachters. Now, there is just one fee to pay, and if your yacht is less than 25 feet long, you pay nothing at all to sailing around the island for less than two years.

If you simply want to experience some time on the open water, without the cost and responsibility associated with renting a boat you can join an excursion. Wondering what's included and where you'll go? Take a look at the table below to find contact information for area excursion services.

Boat Excursions
Name Phone Location Island
Cool Runnings Cruises (876) 974-2446 1 Marvins Park - Port Royal Jamaica


If you're planning to stay in Kingston, you can sail right to Port Royal, flying with your "Q" flag, to meet with immigrations and customs. Here, you will need to present customs a crew list and declaration, departure permission from your last port of call, a list of the ship's stores, and the ship's registration paperwork. If you pass inspection, you will be issued a Coast wide Clearance form, which will allow you to sail freely in Jamaican waters.

The Royal Jamaican Yacht Club, located near the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston is one of the best top marinas on the island, and a great place to dock your vessel during your time on the island. The facilities are top notch, and include 150 berths that can accommodate vessels up to 50 feet long. You can contact the Royal Jamaican Yacht Club at 876-924-8685 for further details.

Are you going to travel to Kingston in your own vessel, or one you charter in a different location? The following table contains a list of potential docking spots.

Name Phone Location Island
Royal Jamaica Yacht Club (876) 924-8685 4.8 mi. (7.7 km) South-Southeast of Kingston Jamaica

Kingston is not one of the most popular destinations for yachters in the Caribbean -- yet. Now is the time to be one of the first to experience this port before it becomes crowded with independent sailors who want the experience.

Nearby Anchorages
Name Location Latitude Longitude
Anchorage Port Royal 17.9376130934 -76.8447518349

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