Paco's Tacos

Sometimes if you want authentic, you have to go the road less traveled. Paco's Tacos is that road; this vendor offers up some delicious tacos not at a restaurant, but from his cart. If you are willing to try some of his food, you will be pleasantly surprised.


Paco's Tacos is a popular fast food restaurant that happens to specialize in Mexican cuisine. Anticipate and dress for a dining experience that is very casual. When is this restaurant option on the table? They're open during lunch only, so be sure not to miss their open hours.


Paco's Tacos is a vendor cart next to the gas station. Try not to be deterred by the idea of eating out of a mobile cart, it is kept much cleaner than you may suspect.


This restaurant is on the premises of The Royal Islander, which is located in Puerto Aventuras, a neighborhood in the vicinity of La Gloria; it is to the northeast of Xpu Ha.

Consider combining your restaurant visit with excellent local sightseeing options by checking out one of the region's many close-by attractions, such as Cedam Museum.

Another point of interest in the area near this restaurant is Hard Rock Private Beach, the closest beach, where visitors can stop and truly take in the scenery.

Nearby Restaurants

If you're trying to find another place to eat that has some similar menu items or comparable prices, there are lots of nearby dining spots to consider, including Subway Aventura. It is situated less than a hundred yards to the south west of this restaurant.

Then again, if you're looking for something different, this part of Mexico boasts an impressive selection of food and drink venues, where you will encounter many different cuisine styles and menu items. For instance, you could also try Italian cuisine at Pizza Aventuras, which is less than a hundred yards away.

Credit Cards and Other Info

The price of a taco should be 20 pesos.

Paco's Tacos accepts major credit cards.

Contact Info

Location: Carretera Federal 307, Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

Phone: (984) 871-5400



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