La Gloria Taxis

Let locals take you around La Gloria in the easily recognizable taxis

The low cost of taxis in La Gloria make them a great choice of transportation, even for those traveling on a budget. They are easy to come by and the drivers are quite easy-going, adding to the list of attributes that may convince visitors to skip renting a car and let local drivers take them around instead.


The streets of La Gloria are not congested, and taxis make up the bulk of the traffic. Still, you can tell them apart from the private cars by the red doors. You'll also find them more frequently around the popular tourist destinations such as resorts, restaurants, shopping centers,and beaches. If you don't notice one, don't worry, a taxi in La Gloria is only just a phone call away.

The drivers in La Gloria, as you might imagine, speak Spanish as their first language. If you are not a Spanish-speaker yourself, bring along a pad of paper so you can write down the name of your desired destination and show it to your driver so there is never any confusion about where you're going.


...never have to wonder about the cost...


You'll never have to wonder about the cost of a taxi in La Gloria because the local taxi union has set all of the rates in advance. This means meters and negotiations are not necessary. The typical cost of a taxi ride is about $5(USD), but the best thing about traveling by taxi on the island is that you'll never spend more than $7(USD) to travel from one end of the island to the next. You'll find that most hotels have a list of rates at the front desk, but you'll always be able to get the list from your driver as well. As you look at the prices, keep in mind that if you're traveling between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. the cost is doubled.

Want to know what you'll pay to use a cab? Look at the following info.

Typical Fares Around La Gloria
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 132.00 - $ 180.00 Cancun International Airport Puerto Aventuras

You can pay in pesos or United States Dollars, as most drivers will accept both. What they won't do; however, is provide change for large bills. The typical tip here is 10 pesos which comes out to $0.90(USD), so if you don't keep small bills on you, you could end up over tipping.

True, La Gloria is such a small town that you can get anywhere you need to go on foot, but it is nice to know that some form of transportation is available for when you need to get around on four wheels. Taxis offer this convenience, one that a good majority of visitors will take advantage of during their stay.


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