La Gloria Transportation

Getting to the small town of La Gloria takes a good deal of pre-planning

Along the Caribbean coast of Mexico between Playa del Carmen and Akumal is the small town of La Gloria. At this destination, tourists are able to enjoy a community-setting that gives you a true sense of what life is like for locals, from walking to the market from your resort to buying local delicacies off the street along the way. In order to vacation in this remote locale you may need to spend a little extra time planning how to get there, but most agree it is worth the work.

Getting There

As potential tourists begin to plan their getaway in La Gloria, a few options for getting there come to mind: air travel, sailing, and cruising. Air travel will be the best choice for most, sailing is an option only a small percentage can manage, and unfortunately, cruising is not one that is recommended.

Getting Around

La Gloria takes up such a small amount of land that the most popular way to get around this town for tourists is to walk. Still other options include renting a car, hiring a taxi, and using the collectivos on a rare occasion.

Air Travel

Because there is no airport in La Gloria, the best option for tourists vacationing here is to land at the Cancun International Airport. Isla Mujeres is located between large tourist destinations Playa Del Carmen and Akumal, so getting there from the airport is fairly simple. You can rent a car and drive or take a bus in just over an hour. As one of the busiest destinations in the region, Cancun welcomes flights from many locations around the world, making this a great place to travel to. When you read our guide to La Gloria Air Travel, you'll learn about the airport including which airlines you can count on to get you there, plus how to get to this small town from the airport.


Before taking advantage of any yachting facilities local to La Gloria, you'll have to sail to an official port of entry to gain clearance. These ports are located in Cozumel, Puerto Morelos, and Majahual, and when you arrive you will meet with several departments to present documentation that includes the tourist card and passport of ever member aboard, proof of ownership of the boat, and a signed Import Form.


Cruise ports in the Mexican Caribbean include Catalina, the Costa Maya, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen. Although La Gloria is only a stones throw away, tourists rarely consider it worth the risk of potentially getting left behind if you get stuck in this town. Combine this with the fact that it is even more rare for cruise lines to plan an excursion here, and it is an odd day when you see a cruise ship passenger wandering the streets of La Gloria.

Rental Cars

...plenty of options to choose from...


You don't have to worry about renting a car for your stay in La Gloria because there plenty of options to choose from. The cost of a rental is $20 to $145(USD) for a day, but around $120 to $462(USD) for a week, and you may just find you receive a discount if you speak a little Spanish. Learn more about the process here.


In La Gloria, you'll find that all fares are set in advance by the local taxi union, and the highest price you'll pay to get anywhere on Isla Mujeres is $7(USD). This makes hiring a taxi a very affordable option and one that a large percentage of tourists choose to take advantage of. Our guide to La Gloria Taxis answers all of the questions you may have about the service, from how to hail a cab to what a taxi here looks like,and you'll even find a list of regular prices and is a must read for anyone visiting this town.


Although there once was a regular bus service that traveled through La Gloria, it was discontinued due to lack of use. Now, collectivos travel on specific routes around the island offering rides for passengers that cost less than $1(USD) per person. The collectivos are mainly used by locals, but tourists are certainly permitted to take advantage of the service as well so long as they keep in mind that the vehicles rarely stop at any of the more touristy areas.

Everything you need to know about getting to and around La Gloria has been laid out for you above. With this information in hand, you are more prepared than every go forward with your vacation plans, moving towards enjoying a tropical getaway.


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