What's Near La Jamaca

Nearby Beaches

Arguably some of the best places to visit in this region are their beaches. You should be able to have your pick of nearby beaches.

Each stop along on the coast has distinct characteristics that could be better suited for a romantic stroll than a family outing, or vice versa.

Nearby Areas

Guests who are curious about what is close by might like to know how far away the neighboring town or city is from their location. La Jamaca is located toward the heart of La Parguera.

Below are the names of some of the neighborhoods and towns located within a short distance of La Jamaca.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Lajas 4.8 N
Betances 6.6 NW
San German 7.1 N
Boqueron 8.3 WNW
Liborio Negron Torres 8.7 NE
Sabana Grande 9.2 NE
Guánica 9.6 E
Cabo Rojo 9.7 NW
El Combate 9.9 W
Puerto Real 11.2 NW

Nearby Attractions

Bosque Estatal De Boquerón

Travelers in search of plenty of activities while visiting Puerto Rico will find that La Jamaca is in a fun location with plenty of nearby sights. In fact, this particular region boasts plenty of places for travelers to explore, including Punta Papayo, Boqueron Wildlife Refuge, and La Parguera Nature Reserve. Though there are at least three great attractions nearby, the closest one is Punta Papayo.

To keep your entire group happy, you may need to browse several of this area's attractions, many of which are listed in the following table.

Attractions Near La Jamaca
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Punta Papayo Park 1.7 E 1.3 mi. East of La Parguera
Boqueron Wildlife Refuge Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 2.8 SW 3.0 mi. West-Southwest of La Parguera
La Parguera Nature Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 4.1 E 3.7 mi. East of La Parguera
Bosque Estatal De Boquerón Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 4.0 WSW 4.2 mi. West-Southwest of La Parguera
Centro Plaza Lajas Park 4.3 N Lajas
Punta Pitahaya Nature Area Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 5.2 WSW 5.5 mi. West-Southwest of La Parguera
Museo Historico de Las Piedras Museum 5.9 N San German
Cancha Arquelio Torres Ramirez Park 6.8 N San German
Parque De Santo Domingo Park 7.2 N San German
Parque Herminio Ortiz Park 7.4 N San German
Refugio De Aves De Boqueron Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 7.4 W 7.9 mi. West-Northwest of La Parguera
Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 7.5 W 7.9 mi. West of La Parguera
Parque De Las Flores Park 8.3 E 1.5 mi. West of Guánica
Balneario Publico De Boqueron Park 8.2 W 8.6 mi. West of La Parguera
Parque Bomberos Park 9.4 E Guánica
Estadio Osvaldo Gutierrez Park 9.7 E Guánica
Parque Angel Guifo Montalvo Park 9.5 NE Sabana Grande
Cabo Rojo Lighthouse Lighthouse 9.6 WSW 9.9 mi. West of La Parguera
Guanica Lighthouse Lighthouse 10.1 E 1.3 mi. South of Guánica
Area Recreativa Orlando Lopez Martinez Park 9.9 NE Sabana Grande
Punta Melones Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 10.4 W 10.8 mi. West of La Parguera
Punta Moja Casabe Park 10.6 W El Combate
Bosque Estatal De Guánica Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 11.9 E 2.2 mi. East of Guánica
Cana Gorda State Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 12.2 E 3.0 mi. Southeast of Guánica
Bosque Estatal De Susúa Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 12.4 NE 8.5 mi. North of Guánica
Reserva Natural Laguna De Joyuda Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 12.8 NW 5.4 mi. South-Southwest of Mayagüez
Parque Arturo Lluveras Park 14.0 E Yauco

If you're on the lookout for an enjoyable experience, Bosque Estatal De Boquerón is an option worth considering. Bosque Estatal Boqueron, also known as the Boqueron State Forest, is well known in Puerto Rico for the many birds in the area, and the beautiful beaches that line the shore.

Nearby Accommodations

Getting information about nearby hotel booking options is sometimes a great means of getting a feel for the area. Even though there are only a few other resort and hotel options right around La Jamaca, the tranquil surroundings here are what make it an excellent option for visitors looking to enjoy a peaceful vacation destination. Learn what you need to know about the region's lodging possibilities by checking the following table.

Accommodations near La Jamaca
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Posada Porlamar -- -- La Parguera, Puerto Rico
Turtle Bay Inn -- -- La Parguera, Puerto Rico
Parador Villa del Mar 1.0 E La Parguera, Puerto Rico

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