Car Rentals in La Parguera

There is very little difficulty that comes with renting a vehicle in La Paguera

While driving conditions in Puerto Rico are some of the best in the Caribbean, when you plan a trip to La Parguera, you'll have to take a few extra precautions. Because this spot draws a large crowd of eco-tourists, you can expect to find a lot of the popular attractions to be off the beaten track. This means driving on more crudely developed roads, if you'll be able to find roads to your desired destination at all. Keep this in mind as you begin to book your rental.

Renting a Car

In addition to being over the age of 21, you will also need to be in possession of a valid driver's license. After presenting this to the rental agency as well as your form of payment you will be ready to hit the road.

Hertz Cabo Rojo is the one rental service for which we have information. You will be able to call them at (787) 851-3830, or they are found on Carretera 100 in Cabo Rojo, 10.2 mi. northwest of La Parguera.

The Cost of Renting a Car

The cost of renting a sedan in La Paguera is typically as low as $40(USD) plus taxes, fees, and insurance, but you may want to plan to spend a little more. Jeeps and other sports utility vehicles will typically cost more, and you may spend up to $70(USD) a day. A few other fees can begin to add up when you rent in La Parguera, like a $10 to $25(USD) fee for drivers between the ages of 21 and 24, and a deposit of up to $500(USD). Most agencies will place the deposit as a hold on your credit card, then remove the charge when the vehicle is returned safely. To find out exactly how much you'll be spending in "extras" you'll have to contact your rental agency directly. This can be done by looking up contact information on the chart below.

Driving in La Parguera

Tourists heading into La Parguera from either Guánica or San Germán will find the easiest and fastest way into town is to take Highway 2 to Highway 11, and follow the signs to Highway 304. Driving on these main highways is preferable, because traffic moves faster, and is lighter than in town where lower speed limits and locals driving to and from work or to run errands can hold up traffic.

The good news about driving in and around La Parguera is that for the most part the roads are very well maintained. There are exceptions, as mentioned above, as you head out to explore the favored eco-tourism destinations that tend to be surrounded by roads that have succumbed to erosion and are filled with cracks and pot holes, or roads that are not paved at all and are marked off by dirt and sand.

Boqueron Gas happens to be the only gas station we were able to get we have information on. If you want more information, you can call them at (787) 851-2100, or it's in Cabo Rojo, 10.2 mi. northwest of La Parguera.

In the busier parts of town; however, road signs, stop lights, and street lamps make the roads recommendable. The interesting thing is that distances are marked by kilometers, but speed limits are posted in miles per hours. Overall, driving here is much like driving in the United States with a few notable differences, such as the fact that gasoline is sold by the liter and police cars are required to have their lights flashing whenever they are in motion.

With these facts in mind you are now better prepared to determine if renting a car if the right choice for you on your vacation in La Parguera. For more tourists, this answer will always be yes.


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