Boating and Sailing Near La Parguera

It is the glow of the bay that attractions sailors to this unique destination

Photo credit: © Jorge Rodriguez

A coastal town known for some pretty fantastic attractions that have to do with marine life, La Parguera sounds like the perfect sailing destination. Yet, it isn't exactly the most popular choice for sailors who visit internationally. Because of this, it may be hard to find a great deal of information on the subject.

Boat Trips and Day Sailing

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who visits La Parguera who doesn't have plans to sail at least once. This is because it is home to a natural wonder called a bio-luminescent bay. Much of the economy in this town is centered around bringing tourists to see the beautiful glow that emanates from the bay at night.


Before your magical vacation can begin you will need to gain clearance at an official port of entry. There are a few in Puerto Rico, but the one in Ponce is the one nearest La Parguera. When you arrive, customs officials will go over your paperwork and check the ships stores, plus request that you purchase a 12 month cruising permit for between $25 and $37(USD) before you are free to continue on.

There are no marinas in town to speak of, but there are several anchorage points to consider nearby. One is located in local waters and for the others you'll have to travel just east.

Is your plan to reach La Parguera in your own vessel, or a charter from a different area? This chart lists potential docking spots.

Name Phone Location
Bahia de Guanica Dock -- 8.1 mi. (13.1 km) East of La Parguera
Boqueron Bay Marina -- 9.6 mi. (15.4 km) West-Northwest of La Parguera
Boqueron Yacht Club (787) 851-1336 Boqueron
Nearby Anchorages
Location Latitude Longitude
La Parguera 17.970002826 -67.0476293773
1.0 mi. (1.7 km) South of La Parguera 17.9595166699 -67.0449471474
1.0 mi. (1.6 km) Southeast of La Parguera 17.9637827754 -67.0380592765

Whether you're just stopping by for a glimpse of the bay or you plan to stay awhile, La Parguera is a destination you won't want to miss on your tour of Puerto Rico's waters.


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