La Parguera Taxis

Your best bet is to call for a taxi in La Parguera

La Parguera is a small fishing village on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico. An unassuming destination, it might not even be a popular tourist haunt if it weren't for the fact that one of nature's wonders, a bio-luminescent bay, is located in town. Still, this spot is never especially crowded, and transportation for tourists is not a huge concern. Fortunately for tourists who do decide to stay there, there are a few taxi companies in operation.

Taxi Companies

Although you may run into a taxi on occasion while you're out and about, you'll typically have better luck simply calling and requesting that a local driver pick you up. If you do happen upon a taxi, you'll know what you're looking at because it will be white with the words "Taxi Turistico" on the front of the vehicle.

If you're unable to find a taxi, or simply want one to meet you at your location, you can contact one of the following taxi companies:

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Lajena Taxi Line (787) 899-1553 Lajas
Public Car Terminal (787) 255-4255 Cabo Rojo
San German Taxi Line (787) 892-1076 San German

Rates, Fares, and Fees

...negotiate a rate...


How your fare is determined will depend on you and your driver. Some drivers prefer to negotiate a rate when their passenger gets in the vehicle, and others like to run the meter. In the end, the driver will go with what you feel most comfortable with to ensure your happiness. If you choose to go with the meter, you'll pay $1(USD) base, then $0.10(USD) for each additional one-third mile traveled. Keep in mind that drivers depend on tips as well, so try and keep an extra 10 to 15 percent on hand.

In order to save money on a day when you'll be using taxis frequently, you may consider hiring a driver by the hour. You'll negotiate the rate which will typically be lower than letting the meter run, and will save you time waiting on a new driver to come every time.

The following table lists a few taxi rates for the area.

Typical Fares Around La Parguera
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 17.55 - $ 19.39 San German La Parguera
$ 22.78 - $ 25.18 Boqueron La Parguera
$ 38.12 - $ 42.14 Mayagüez La Parguera
$ 196.60 - $ 217.30 Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport La Parguera
$ 43.81 - $ 53.55 Eugenio Maria De Hostos Airport La Parguera

They may not be easily spotted on the streets, but taxis are still a great way to get around La Parguera for tourists who prefer to skip renting a car of their own.


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