La Parguera Transportation

Fly, sail, drive, or ride – these are your transportation options in La Parguera

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A small fishing village in the Puerto Rican town of Lajas, La Paguera is a major tourist attraction because it is home to one of the rarest natural phenomenons in the world: a bioluminescent bay. In order to get the best view of the bay, tourists have to visit at night, which means planning local transportation well in advance is necessary. On top of that, taking the time to learn about options regarding getting to La Paguera is important as well.

Air Travel

When it comes to flying to La Parguera, it will take a little extra planning to get into town. This is because there is no airport within direct vicinity of the village. What you typically see is tourists will fly to the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) in San Juan and rent a car to drive. The trip takes about two hours, but the airport has enough merits to make this idea worth it. Marin International is the largest airport on the island, and it is a hub for air transport in the whole of the Caribbean. What this means for tourists is that finding a flight that is convenient and inexpensive from nearly anywhere in the world, but especially the United States is easy to accomplish. To find out more detailed information about flying to La Parguera, click here.


The Caribbean is one of the best locations in the world for sailing, and many people choose to either charter a vessel or sail their own water craft to Puerto Rico. Although La Parguera is not one of the most popular sailing destinations on the island, you can still make plans to dock along the coast and make your way inland for a unique start to your getaway. Find out more here.


Cruise ships are big business in the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico is no exception. In fact, it is one of the busiest cruise ports in the region, with many large liners offering San Juan as the start of their cruises. When cruise ships arrive on the island, passengers are free to disembark and explore the island on their own or go as part of a ship sponsored excursion. Some choose to make their way to La Parguera, although it is rare because of the two hours drive it takes to get there.

Rental Cars

Because eco-tourism is the main draw to the village of La Parguera, renting a Jeep or another vehicle with good suspension and four-wheel drive is highly recommended. This is because you will have to drive in some pretty rough conditions in order to see all of the area's most beloved sites. Fortunately, the cost of a sports utility vehicle is not much more expensive than a sedan, and you can expect to spend $50 to $70(USD) a day, plus taxes, fees, and optional insurance. Click here to learn more about renting a car in La Parguera.


Public transportation, meanwhile, is sparse. If you'd like a taxi to take you from one place to the next, call one of the local companies listed below and have them pick you up. The cost will be $1 base and $0.10(USD) per one-third mile, or you can negotiate the rate with your driver.

Because of the lack of transportation options in La Parguera it is important to know what you're in store for when you arrive. Having taken the time to do your research, you are much more prepared and should have no surprises waiting for you during your getaway.


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