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About two hours away from some of the most popularly visited beaches in the Dominican Republic is La Vega, a town best known for its outrageous Carnival festivities each year.  When the festival is not going on, it is the area's natural attractions that offer a sense of reprieve for visitors.  Thick forested grounds, waterfalls, and parks are waiting to be explored, as is a military fort at the center of town.  

Historical Sites

Fortaleza La Concepcion

In case you enjoy learning about the historical roots of a foreign place, you might want to visit a historical site while on vacation in La Vega.

A landmark that often intrigues visitors is Fortaleza La Concepcion. It is found in the heart of La Vega. This small fort was built by Christopher Columbus in 1494, helping lay the foundations for the early Spanish (and eventually European) colonization of the New World, becoming one of the largest European cities in the Western Hemisphere. Unfortunately for it, the entire town was destroyed by an earthquake in 1562.

Another interesting landmark worth visiting is Santo Cerro. It is found in Santo Cerro, 4.3 mi. North-Northwest of central La Vega. The site is part of a church that visitors are free to explore. Guest will be able to enjoy the various art and architecture inside the church, as well as see the preserved hole where the cross was placed.

Take some time to look through the following chart for more information on sites of historical interest in and around the area.

Historic Sites In and Around La Vega
Name Phone Location
Fortaleza La Concepcion -- Central La Vega
Santo Cerro -- Santo Cerro, 4.3 mi. North-Northwest of Central La Vega

Natural Attractions

Salto Jimenoa Uno

Salto Jimenoa Dos is one of the natural attractions that's worth a visit. <p>This is a smaller waterfall further North than its bigger sibling, Salto Jimenoa Uno. However, it makes up for its smaller stature in a better swimming area and a more adventurous path to reach it.</p>

Another local site that you might enjoy is Salto Jimenoa Uno. <p>This icy waterfall is a unique waterfall in that literally shoots out from the rocks. It is an odd sight to see, and being so close to a larger city, it is an easy side trip that should not be passed up.</p>

La Vega has a nice selection of choices. To see our detailed guide to natural attractions in and around the area, follow this link.


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