Scuba Diving Near Las Galeras

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Some of the most adventurous dive sites in the Dominican Republic can be found in the waters that surround Las Galeras, which makes this the perfect destination for divers who want to ensure their dive is even more of an adventure than usual.  Here, you're sure to encounter high cliffs with drops of up to almost 150  feet.

There is one dive service, some dive shops, and at least 9 good dive sites to choose from.

Dive Operators and Shops

The dive shops you'll be able to find are listed in the following chart.

Dive Shops Near Las Galeras
Name Phone Location
Dive Academy (809) 538-0127 Central Las Galeras
Las Galeras Divers (809) 538-0220 Central Las Galeras

If you want to go diving, you might want to contact Scubaquatic Samana. Beginning divers can start their training with Scubaquatic in the Discover Scuba Course, and work their way up to Master Diver. Most of the dives at this location require just DSD certification, but there are a few more advanced spots in which your OW certification is needed. They are located within Samana, 9.7 mi. South West of central Las Galeras.

The chart right below provides some key facts concerning the only dive service we are aware of that operates in this area.

Dive Operators Near Las Galeras
Name Type Phone Location Island
Scubaquatic Samana Dive Service//12576 (809) 468-4055 Samana, 9.7 mi. South West of Central Las Galeras Hispaniola

Dive Sites

The following chart lists some information regarding some of the area's better-known dive sites.

Dive Sites Near Las Galeras
Name Quality Experience Max Depth Latitude Longitude
Barco Hundido Very Good -- 66.0 19.3144261202 -69.2037868593
Coral Garden -- All Divers 36.0 19.3033287518 -69.2067909334
Cueva de Chopa Very Good -- 76.0 19.3334041741 -69.2181536743
Fronton Very Good -- 50.0 19.2635502496 -69.1496276949
La Herradura -- -- 50.0 19.3279525505 -69.2255020235
La Laguna -- -- 92.0 19.3593749217 -69.2255020235
Los Carriles I Very Good -- 115.0 19.2462099779 -69.1655922029
Piedra Solitaria -- -- -- 19.3057589167 -69.1394138848
Playita -- -- 36.0 19.2928787167 -69.2158031557

For more information about diving, including tips and suggestions for both beginners and experienced divers, read this detailed Caribbean scuba diving article.


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