Attractions on Little Cayman

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A total of 10 square miles of unspoiled natural scenery sums up the appeal of Little Cayman.  A popular dive destination and place to get away, there are miles of beaches and nature reserves from one end of the island to the other.  One thing many tourists don't expect to find are cultural attractions, but there are a few like the Little Cayman Museum, which will easily hold the attention of anyone interested in local history. 


There are a large selection of beaches to enjoy on the island. If you are hoping to enjoy some peace and quiet, you will be pleased to know that several of these beaches are relatively secluded and free from over-development. Click on the beach names for a detailed article concerning that particular stretch of sand.

Sandy Point: Sandy Point's waters are excellent for ocean exploration, especially snorkeling. The beach has a wide expanse of soft sand for sunbathing.

Another option worth considering is Bloody Bay Beach. Bloody Bay Beach is actually located within a marine park of the same name. As mentioned, it is a great spot for diving and visitors will often encounter, in addition to coral reef and tropical fish, sting rays, turtles, and even sharks.

Owen Island: This island is not far off Little Cayman's coast, so to get here you could rent a sea kayak and paddle right out to it.

Of course, you'll find some other choices for beaches on the island. You can go to this page if you'd like to learn some more specifics.


If you enjoy expanding your knowledge of other places and cultures, you might enjoy visiting a museum during your vacation.

A landmark that often intrigues visitors is National Trust House. It is situated in Blossom Village, Little Cayman. The House is open from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

If you are looking to do more sight-seeing, visit Little Cayman Museum. It is found in Blossom Village, Little Cayman. Make an appointment to visit the Little Cayman Museum on Thursday and Friday between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 p.m.

The following table provides you with some key facts regarding a few the museums you might enjoy on the island.

Museums On Little Cayman
Name Phone Location
Little Cayman Marine Museum -- 0.5 mi. West of Central Blossom Village
Little Cayman Museum (345) 948-1033 0.4 mi. South West of Central Blossom Village
National Trust House (345) 749-1123 0.5 mi. West of Central Blossom Village

Historical Sites

Enjoy discovering the history of places you visit? If yes, you might enjoy visiting a historical site while vacationing on Little Cayman.

Rebecca's Cave is a historical site near Little Cayman. Commemorating a tragic event while incorporating a beautiful natural space on the island, Rebecca's Cave touches every visitor that makes the relatively easy trek.

Review the following table to find out more about historical sites on and near Little Cayman.

Historic Sites On and Near Little Cayman
Name Phone Location Island
Mule Enclosures -- 1.8 mi. West of Central Blossom Village Little Cayman
Rebecca's Cave -- 0.9 mi. East of Central West End Cayman Brac

Natural Attractions

Booby Pond Nature Reserve is one of the better known local attractions. The Booby Pond Nature Reserve became recognized as a protected area in 1994, a title that allows for research and development to promote the health of the area.

Another option you should consider visiting is Salt Water Pond. Once designated as an Animal Sanctuary, Saltwater Pond was stripped of that recognition in 2012. Even so, it remains a tranquil spot to check out on your tour of Cayman Brac's south coast.

Little Cayman offers a wider range of choices too. Follow this link to find our page regarding natural attractions on and around Little Cayman.


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