Sandy Point

Sandy Point's waters are excellent for ocean exploration, especially snorkeling. The beach has a wide expanse of soft sand for sunbathing. If you like privacy and seclusion, this is a great beach for you.

Situated on the island of Little Cayman, 5.8 miles west of West End, You should consider stopping by whether or not you're staying in the immediate vicinity. Sandy Point is a distinguishable relaxation spot because it's perfect for escaping the hustle of the Cayman Islands' urban areas. Many of the other beaches in the Cayman Islands may have the same warm sand and calming breezes as Sandy Point, but are usually busier because they border some of the area's most popular resorts.

How to Access The Beach
Sandy Point is the southeastern tip of Little Cayman. There's a coastal road that will lead you here if you head southeast. If you're on Grand Cayman you'll have to travel almost 60 miles by boat to Little Cayman and then head to the opposite end of the island.

Amenities and Ambiance

On a clear day you can see the nearby island of Cayman Brac from this beach. If you like privacy and seclusion, this is a great beach for you.

The concession stand located here is another lunchtime alternative. Sometimes, visitors will be able to order some food from one of the mobile vendors who set up shop at the beach.

Please note that public restrooms are not available, though you may be able to use the facilities at a nearby business. The isolated shores of Sandy Point can be reached by car, boat, or bike. This beach is almost always quiet and uncrowded, and sometimes remains unvisited for weeks at a time.

If you happen to like coasts that grant an idyllic experience, then you should enjoy Sandy Point; it is hidden away in a less urbanized area of Little Cayman.

What's Nearby


Found on the East coast of Little Cayman; this area boasts other attractions such as Little Cayman Museum, which is eight miles away.

Historical attractions such as Mule Enclosures provide a nice compliment to a soothing day at Sandy Point, and provide beachgoers with the opportunity to learn about the Cayman Islands' past, without straying too far from the coastline.

Beaches are a great attraction to visit, but there's plenty else to see during your stay. The following table includes the closest attractions.

Activities and Attractions Near Sandy Point
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Little Cayman Museum Museum 8.1 WSW Little Cayman
Blossom Village Community Park Park 8.1 WSW Little Cayman
National Trust House Museum 8.3 WSW Little Cayman
Little Cayman Marine Museum Museum 8.3 WSW Little Cayman
Bloody Bay Marine Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 9.0 W Little Cayman


How many other people you encounter at Sandy Point will depend on how many hotel guests decide to make the trip as well. The area is not home to many major hotels, but it's sometimes enjoyed by guests staying at some of the area's smaller options.

Although you won't find many hotels that are within a short car ride, the nearest ones have been listed in the table below.

Accommodations near Sandy Point
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Southern Cross Club -- -- Cottages
Little Cayman Beach Resort 7.8 mi. WSW Resort
Pirates Point Resort 9.6 mi. WSW Hotel


You might not run into any places to grab a bit to eat surrounding this shore, so you may choose to plan a picnic for your time spent at the beach.

Other Beaches

Needless to say, Sandy Point isn't the only beach worth visitng on Little Cayman.

Another option worth considering is Blossom Village Beach, located not too far away, and can be reached in a cab.

Of course, the Cayman Islands has hundreds of natural wonders to discover, but taking a swim at Sandy Point is certainly a fun way to enjoy the area's natural attractions.


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