Little Cayman Transportation

There's no need for extensive transportation plans on Little Cayman

If relaxing on the beach, scuba diving, and maybe hiking around a small, hilly island sounds like a dream come true, then Little Cayman is the perfect destination for you.  While transportation options are limited, the island is so small and moves at such a slow pace that this is hardly noticeable.  

Air Travel

There is no full-sized airport on Little Cayman, but there is an airstrip made of grass and crushed coral called the Edward Bodden Airfield.  Here, you can arrive by plane from Cayman Brac with Cayman Airways.  In order to get the Cayman Islands in the first place, you'll likely first fly to the Owen Roberts International Airport on Grand Cayman, then connect through the airport on Cayman Brac before finally taking a smaller plan over to Little Cayman.  If you can arrange a direct flight from Miami, you could fly to Cayman Brac with search our other pages and skip a step along the way.  


If you're hoping to sail to Little Cayman, you'll first have to make a stop on Grand Cayman or Cayman Brac since there is no official port of entry on the island.  The port on Grand Cayman is in Georgetown and the one on Cayman Brac is in Creek.  After you've been granted clearance from Port Authority, you'll be able to carefully navigate your way to Little Cayman where you'll find a marina at Paradise Villas.


Little Cayman is not necessarily a top cruising destination, but there are a few smaller cruise lines that dock off-shore and tender passengers in for a day of sightseeing on occasion.  While these stops are rare, they do happen so be on the lookout for cruises that travel to the Western Caribbean.

Rental Cars

Thanks to the size of the island and the fact that there is only one main road of Little Cayman, it is entirely possible to skip renting a car and get around on foot or by bike.  If you do decide to go ahead and do some sightseeing on four wheels, there is one rental agency on the island that will handle all of your needs.  Read our guide to Rental Cars on Little Cayman to find out what you need to do to make it happen.

Other Forms of Transportation

There are no taxis or buses on Little Cayman, so if you don't want to rent a car you'll have to walk, ride a bike or see if a local will take drive you around (most are friendly and are quite willing to pick up visitors and take them along for a ride).  Unfortunately, there is also no ferry service from Little Cayman to either Cayman Brac or Grand Cayman because of the long distance between all of the islands. 

Planning for your vacation on Little Cayman is simple because the options are few.  While the limited choices may be an inconvenience for some, those that tend to plan getaways here have no problem working with what is available to them.


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