Taxis in Loiza

Taxis are one of several feasible transportation options for tourists in Loiza

Loiza is one of the towns in Puerto Rico where renting a car may be the best idea because scenic drives are one of the recommended activities.  Still, not everyone who comes here will want to get behind the wheel, and others simply are unable to drive.  These people don't have to forgo seeing the area, but can instead hire a taxi driver to get them around.

Taxi Companies

In Loiza, taxis are typically white with the words “Taxi Turistico” written on the doors, making them easy to spot as they make the rounds. It is rare to actually be able to hail a cab like you would in a busy city, though.  Here, you'll find the most luck by calling a local operator and having the dispatcher send you out a driver to pick you up.

Check out the table that follows to find contact phone numbers for local cab companies.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Juan Carlos Transportation (787) 876-3628 Loiza
Luquillo Taxi & Tours (787) 513-7685 160 Calle 14 De Julio - Luquillo
Rio Grande Taxis (787) 967-4119 6000 Riomar Boulevard - 2.5 mi. (4.1 km) West-Northwest of Luquillo
Royal Star Transportation (787) 253-2355 2022 Calle Celestial - Carolina

Rates, Fares, and Fees

The cost of a taxi will depend on the driver.  All cabs have a meter in them, but not all drivers like to keep them running.  Instead, they prefer to negotiate a set price with the passenger before taking off.  If the meter is running, it will cost you $1 to get in and $0.10(USD) per one-third mile after that.  If you want to take a taxi from the international airport in San Juan to your accommodations in Loiza, you'll pay a set rate of $70(USD).  If your driver does a good job, a tip is a great way to thank him or her.  An extra 10 to 15 percent is the norm. 

Whether you need a ride here and there, or will want to make friends with a local driver and have him or her take you to see all of the sites, making taxis your  main mode of transportation in Loiza is an option you can count on. 


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