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Transportation in Loiza is what the traveler wants and needs it to be

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Just a short distance from the transportation hub of San Juan, Loiza is just a typical town in Puerto Rico. Although there are a few landmarks relating to the Afro-Caribbean culture and the history of the slave trade on the island, it isn't a very popular tourist destination. Because of this, visitors will have to ensure that all of their travel needs will be taken care of during their stay in this fascinating town.

Getting There

If you're planning a getaway in Loiza, your first though may be to fly to the nearest airport then drive into town. While this is a possibility and in fact the most popular way to get there, other options exist as well. If you're adept at sailing, you can hire a charter and set off on a high seas adventure. One final way to travel to Loiza is board a luxury liner as you cruise the Caribbean.

Getting Around

There are so many options for getting around Loiza that every type of traveler will feel right at home here. If you prefer to drive yourself, renting a car is not only possible but recommended, but there are also taxis and publicos available if you feel more comfortable letting someone who knows the terrain get you from place to place.

Air Travel

Just east of the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) sits the coastal town of Loiza, less than a half an hours drive away. This makes it easy for tourists to quickly choose Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport are their arrival point when planning a trip to Puerto Rico. The airport is the largest on the island, and is a modern facility with two runways, multiple terminals, a bevy of shops, a food court, and conference rooms. Over eight million passengers fly in and out of Marin International each year, and more than 100 flights arrive and depart each day alone. You can find out the best route to take from your home town by clicking here and reading all about flying to Loiza.


The coastal town of Loiza may not be a prime sailing destination yet, but the key word here is yet. As tourism and the sport of sailing becomes more and more popular here, this is sure to change in years that are soon to come.  In the meantime, you'll have to make a few extra arrangements if you plan to sail here.  You can learn all about it by clicking here

There are several official ports of entry on Puerto Rico, located at Ponce, Mayagüez, Fajardo, and San Juan. The nearest port to Loiza is in San Juan. Sailors will arrive at the port and meet with customs who will review their travel documentation as well as the ship's paperwork, before clearance is gained allowing for entry to the island. Even United States citizens will have to go through the process despite the fact that Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States.


Millions of people each year cruise to the Caribbean, where San Juan is a huge hub of cruise travel. Not only do dozens of ships dock here each week during the height of cruise season, but this port is actually a departure point for many cruise lines including Carnival, Celebrity, and Holland America. Still, many tourists will sail from the southern cities of Florida and arrive in San Juan as a stop along the way to visiting the rest of the Caribbean. Because Loiza is just a half an hour away, cruisers can easily rent a car or take a taxi from the cruise port for their day ashore.

Rental Cars

Renting a car in Loiza is recommended, and not a terribly difficult thing to do either. Drivers are required to be over 21 in order to rent here, though they will pay an extra $10 to $25(USD) a day if they are under the age of 25. That combined with a valid driver's license and the appropriate funds is all you'll need in order to procure a car. Driving around town is pretty easy, too. Puerto Rico has one of the best road systems in the Puerto Rico, and visitors from the United States will find conditions to be similar. Learn more about renting and driving in Loiza by clicking here.


Because Loiza is not a terribly popular tourist destination, public transportation is not a huge priority here.  You may see white taxis with the words “Taxi Turistico” on them on the streets, and you can flag them down that way, or you can use the chart below to call ahead and have someone pick you up.  Click here to learn more. 


Although Loiza does not benefit much from the excellent public bus system in San Juan, there is a form of transportation that is similar. This is the publico, a form of transport that has similarities to both taxis and buses. Publicos are minibuses and vans recognizable by the yellow license plates with the letter "P" at the beginning of the tag, that run on set routes throughout Loiza without specific stops. Instead, passengers flag a ride down on the street, then let the driver know when they want to get off. The cost of a publico ride differs, but will cost around $1.50(USD) per person, per ride.

When it comes to traveling around Loiza and the rest of Puerto Rico, tourists often find the whole experience to be very similar to getting around the United States. This makes it easier for many tourists to choose which mode of transportation they will use during their getaway. Learning a bit more about each also helps to make each traveler feel confident about their final decision.


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