Sailing and Boating Near Long Island

Secluded away from the rest of the Bahamas, getting to Long Island is an adventure all in itself

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Long Island is 70 miles long, which means there is plenty of coastline for yachters to sail around and explore. If you'll be starting your vacation by sailing rather than flying to Long Island, it is important to first be aware of what is required of you as you sail to the Bahamas.


... port of entry...the Stella Maris Marina...


Your first job will be to clear customs. To do so, you'll need to dock at the nearest port of entry which is at the Stella Maris Marina on the island's north east coast. Sail into the marina with your yellow quarantine flag sailing to alert officials that you'll need inspection, and place a call to the marina over your VHF radio on Channel 16. Typically, someone will greet you when you dock they will make sure you have all the appropriate documents associated with your yacht, perform a quick inspection, and have everyone on board will out immigration paperwork. It will then cost between $150 and $300(USD) for a combination cruising and fishing permit, plus your prepaid departure fee. This price depends on the length of your boat and covers five passengers. Each additional passenger will up the price.

Do you plan to visit Long Island using a vessel you own, or one you charter? This table provides a quick summary of potential docking spots.

Name Phone Location
Alligator Bay Marina -- 29.6 mi. (47.6 km) Northwest of Clarence Town
Clarence Town Dock -- Clarence Town
Flying Fish Marina (242) 337-3430 Clarence Town
Fox Landing -- 20.3 mi. (32.6 km) Northwest of Clarence Town
Long Island Petroleum Dock -- 19.4 mi. (31.2 km) Northwest of Clarence Town
Simm's Dock -- 31.3 mi. (50.4 km) Northwest of Clarence Town
Stella Maris Marina (242) 338-2055 Long Island

Once you've gained official entry to the Bahamas you are free to sail about the islands for 90 days. If you do want to dock at Long Island, keep in mind that many of the marinas listed above are very small, and lacking some of the services global sailors may be used to.

Those who visit this island on boat rarely make the journey just once. You may only be in the process of planning your first sailing adventure to Long Island, but look to the future as well. Chances are, you'll be back again in no time.


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