Stella Maris Resort Club Nearby Attractions Map

1 | Santa Maria Beach

The remarkably clear, calm water of Galliot Cay make for phenomenal water activities including snorkeling, diving, swimming, kayaking and sailing. So whether it's adventure you're after or a relaxing place to soak up the sun, this beach has it covered.

Situated this beach is located 7.8 miles (12.6 km) from Stella Maris Resort Club.

2 | Columbus Harbour

Not many people make it out to this spot at the northern tip of Long Island, but there will certainly be plenty of places for you to throw down a towel in the sand, soak up some sun, or go for a nice long walk.

Stella Maris Resort Club is located approximately seven and a half miles (11 and a half kilometers) to the southeast of this beach.

3 | Deal's Beach

On the northern part of Long Island, this two mile long beach is great for casual swimming, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, and beach walking.

Found this beach is located approximately four and a half miles (approximately seven and a half kilometers) south of Stella Maris Resort Club.

The interactive map above depicts all 3 local attractions guests can find within approximately eight miles (12 and a half kilometers) of Stella Maris Resort Club. The most conveniently located of which is Deal's Beach (reference number 3), which is situated a short cab ride away from the resort. For additional information about what's available close-by, or to get a different view of the region, click on various points to explore further. The map numbers seen above match up with those in the following list.

Attractions Near Stella Maris Resort Club
Map No. Type Attraction Name Distance from Hotel
1 Beach Cape Santa Maria Beach 7.8 mi. (12.6 km)
2 Beach Columbus Harbour 7.3 mi. (11.7 km)
3 Beach Deal's Beach 4.5 mi. (7.3 km)


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