Taxis on Long Island

Long Island taxis are just a phone call away

From the moment you arrive on Long Island to the moment you leave, local transportation can get you everywhere you need to go. Taxi drivers are easy to get in touch with, so even when you can't find a driver on the street, you won't have to wait too long for someone to pick you up.

Taxi Companies

The best place to find a taxi on Long Island is by the airport and ferry docks awaiting incoming flights and ferries. Any other time you need a ride, it is best to let your hotel call and arrange one for you, or to keep a list of local operator's numbers on hand so you can call them to pick you up at your requested location. Taxis here are independently own, so there is a bit of a variety to choose from.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

The taxis on Long Island are metered, though the rates are set by the government so you don't have to worry about being overcharged. It costs $2(USD) for two people to ride, and another $2(USD) per person after that. On top of the base rate, you'll pay $0.40(USD) per quarter mile, which may seem low but it can quickly add up if you use the service as your main source of transportation. It will also cost extra to store luggage in the trunk.

Taxi Tours

In some cases, you can hire your driver to take you on a tour of Long Island. In this case, you and the driver will settle on a rate independent of the meter, which will either be one set rate or charged hourly. Drivers here make great guides because they know the lay of the land well, and many of them have spend their whole loves living here.

Knowing what to expect when you hail a cab helps to make it easier to decide on this on your main source of transportation when you visit Long Island.


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