Sailing and Boating Near Luperon

Easy sailing and no major safety concerns make Luperon ideal

Luperon has gone through some changes as of late, making sailing into this port of entry both easy and safe.  Where once theft was a cause for concern, under a new commandante sailors can arrive without the extra expense of hiring a security guard to watch their vessel while they explore the surrounding area.  


In addition to new safety precautions, Luperon is a desirable yachting destination because the enclosed bay provides shelter for local waters making it easy to navigate.  When you arrive, you can anchor anywhere then hoist your Q flag to signal to entry officials that you are ready to clear in.  You will be responsible for a harbour entrance fee of $10, plus $0.70(USD) per foot, per day, unless your boat is over 35 feet long, in which case the base fee is $20(USD), and if you are staying longer than seven days there I an additional $15(USD).  It is also customary to offer the entry officials a cold beverage as they go over the paperwork.  

If you anchor and no one acknowledges your presence, you can call VHF Channel 68, or dinghy in to the government dock to ask for help.  After everything official has been taken care of, you'll find there are plenty of docking and mooring options.  In particular, there are two new marinas that are popular.

Considering the option of sailing to Luperon in your own vessel, or a charter from another location? See the chart that follows to find basic information for area marinas.

Name Phone Location
Marina Luperon Yacht Club -- Luperon
Marina Tropical (809) 315-1940 Luperon
Nearby Anchorages
Name Location Latitude Longitude
Anchorage Luperon Harbour - Luperon 19.8997326172 -70.9515953064

Luperon has always been a popular sailing destination, but now it is even more favored thanks to the clean up of local crime.  If you've been thinking of visiting, but decided against in the past for fear of theft, worry no longer and start making plans to sail into this full facility destination. 


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