Taxis in Luperon

You won't find your typical taxi based in Luperon

Although you can take a taxi to Luperon, finding this type of transportation within the town is not as common as many visitors would like.  What they will find in its place, however, is a motoconcho.  The two services are only slightly similar, and only adventurous tourists need apply.


So, what is a motoconcho?  It is a taxi service in which the driver is operating a motorcycle, vespa, or scooter. This is indeed the most popular way for tourists to get quickly around Luperon, despite the dangers it may seem to involve – like the fact that helmets are not provided and that drivers somehow manage to squeeze up to five people and their luggage onto their vehicles.  The busiest street corner in town is called Motoconcho Corner, and this is where you'll have the easiest place getting a ride, but you'll see these drivers zipping around all over the place and simply need to flag them down. 

Rates, Fares, and Fees

The biggest benefit of taking a motoconcho is how cheap it is.  Although you'll need to discuss the price with your driver, in general, they offer rides for $1(USD) per passenger, and of course you'll want  to offer a gratuity to your driver as well.  

If you're planning to take a taxi into Luperon from the airport, you'll see below that this can get very expensive.  Consider riding the bus or hiring a transfer service to get you into town at a lower rate.

Curious how much a taxi ride will set you back? Scan this table.

Typical Fares Around Luperon
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 38.50 - $ 44.50 Downtown Puerto Plata Luperon

Taxis are extremely hard to come by in Luperon, while the riskier motoconcho is the more popular way to get around.  If you find this form of transport a thrilling prospect, then Luperon is clearly the perfect destination for your next getaway. 


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