Luquillo Beach

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Often called Puerto Rico's most popular and even most famous beach, Luquillo is favored by tourists and locals alike. The upside of its popularity is that the beach has excellent facilities, life guards, and plenty of parking as well as a number of food and souvenir sands lining the shore. The downside is that it can be crowded, and those crowds can leave a mess. Still, when the shores are freshly clean, there is arguably no more beautiful view on the island.

Set in Rio Sabana, near the heart of Luquillo, Luquillo Beach is on the East coast of Puerto Rico. You should think about stopping by even if you are not staying nearby. Eventually, visitors notice that beaches throughout Puerto Rico tend to be somewhat quiet, but Luquillo Beach stands out as a pleasant exception to this rule.

How to Access The Beach
Driving from San Juan, take Coastal Highway 3 for approximately 31 miles headed east. Exit at Cil Florida and take it to the coast where you will turn at the Kiosks and drive down a small road located behind them. You can park in the Kiosks parking lot, or on the sand.

Amenities and Ambiance

Luquillo Beach is lined for more than a mile with coconut palms. The shore scoops out a portion of the coast into a crescent of tan colored sand, and the waters are a striking aquamarine hue. The waters are very calm due to an offshore reef that serves as a barrier between the coast and the strong surf. An old boat ramp juts out into the ocean, providing an excellent jumping of point for snorkelers.

Of course, there is also a restaurant located right on-site. Every location around the world has its own culinary style, and Puerto Rico is no different. One truly memorable place to experience delicious local dishes is right next to the coast. With this in mind, you might ask your hotel if they offer to pack picnic lunches for their guests. Otherwise, there are plenty of walk-up vendors that offer hot, on-the-go food.

The concession stand on-site could come in handy, even if you plan to have lunch elsewhere.

Showers, picnic tables, and restrooms are offered at Luquillo Beach, which means visitors will find all their needs taken care of, allowing for an entire day here.

Bear in mind that Luquillo Beach's immediate surroundings are highly urbanized, so you may find quite a few people competing for the use of the same services.

What's Nearby


You'll find this beach on the East coast of Puerto Rico; the area is home to other attractions such as Taller Artistico En Luquillo, which is a half mile to the west.

If your taste for travel keeps you looking for new activity and attraction options, the beach is located near the attractions in the following table.

Activities and Attractions Near Luquillo Beach
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Taller Artistico En Luquillo Art Gallery 0.6 mi. W Puerto Rico

Cities and Towns

Those visiting Luquillo Beach who are seeking further attractions might consider making the trip to Luquillo, because it's in the vicinity and is a particularly bustling part of Puerto Rico. From the shore, Luquillo is a quick trip away, roughly a half mile (three quarters of a kilometer).


The mood here——social and lively, or virtually empty—— will depend on if you visit during a popular season, which is often indicated by how busy the hotels are. There aren't many large hotels nearby, but it's often visited by guests from the few small lodgings in the area.

While there aren't many hotels that are within a short car ride, the nearest ones are shown in the following table.

Accommodations near Luquillo Beach
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn 0.4 mi. NW Hotel
Yunque Mar 2.2 mi. W Hotel


If you start getting hungry during your afternoon at the shore, the area near this beach provides some viable options, so you won't have to wander too far from the sea. One of the nearest places to eat is Guava's Restaurant. This restaurant offers a menu of Caribbean food. They are also famous for their seafood and steak. When you start to get hungry, you won't need to wait too long to eat as it's just a short distance away.

The table below lists nearby restaurants.

Restaurants near Luquillo Beach
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Guava's Restaurant (787) 889-2222 Caribbean Very Casual 0.2 mi. NW
Boardriders (787) 355-5175 American Very Casual 0.2 mi. NW
La Exquisita Bakery (787) 633-5554 American Very Casual 0.3 mi. WNW
Chachi's -- -- -- -- --
Cuti's Coffee & Ice Cream Shop (787) 553-8816 American Very Casual -- --
Ernestina’s Restaurant (787) 526-5701 Creole Very Casual -- --
La Differencia (787) 564-5620 Caribbean Very Casual -- --
William's Pizza Luquillo (787) 889-3330 Italian Very Casual -- --
McDonald's Luquillo -- American Very Casual 0.5 mi. WNW
Bamboo Lounge Restaurant (787) 889-1807 Caribbean Very Casual 0.6 mi. W
Bonilla Tacos (787) 889-8765 Mexican -- 0.6 mi. W
Cafe Brisas (787) 889-0410 American -- 0.6 mi. W

Other Beaches

Of course, you'll find other beaches besides Luquillo Beach in Puerto Rico.

You may also like Playa Laguna Aguas Prietas, a popular beach beloved by tourists. You'll find it four miles to the east. If it's a bit of peace and quiet you're after, Luquillo Public Beach is a location which doesn't see as many crowds. It is located just a little ways away.

Travelers may also want to consider Seven Seas Beach, located reasonably close-by, meaning a quick cab ride should put you in the right spot to check out this other choice. Seven Seas Beach is a serene protected beach that offers water and land activities to suit any taste.

You may find that Luquillo Beach is a great fit for your vacation, but maybe you want to see more; in which case you should keep looking for a beach or natural attraction that suits your vacation style.


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