Luquillo Transportation

Before you can sink your toes into Luquillo's sand, you have to get there first

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Known as Puerto Rico's Riviera, and the sun capital of the island, Luquillo is a popular beach destination for tourists from around the world. Because most people plan to spend their days soaking up the sun and lounging in the sand, transportation beyond getting to Puerto Rico is not typically a priority. Still, it helps to know what options are available so you can make the appropriate arrangements in advance of your departure.

Getting There

In order to get to Luquillo, your first stop in Puerto Rico will likely be in San Juan, where you'll find the international airport, the sailing port of entry, and the cruise terminal.

Getting Around

Transportation in Luquillo is varied enough that every type of traveler will easily find something that they feel comfortable with. Taxis, buses, and publicos are options for those who want to let a local with knowledge of the surrounding area do the driving, while rental cars are also readily available to those who prefer the independence of having a vehicle at their beck and call.

Air Travel

One of the largest and most modern airports in the region is located within 40 minutes drive of Luquillo: Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU). The airport welcomes over 100 flights each day, and over eight million passengers arrive and depart from this airport annually. Because of its popularity, flights are available from most major cities in the United States as well as around the world. Flying to Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is not only easy, but it is convenient, and often inexpensive. Click here to read Luquillo Air Travel, which will give you more information about the airport, as well as which airlines fly here, and what else you can expect along the way.


Well liked amongst private yacht owners who prefer to sail themselves to Luquillo and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. There are a few marinas in the area, but San Juan is where you'll need to go to gain clearance. There are also several local companies that will allow you to get out and explore the area from the sea if you don't want to sail a boat on your own. Find out about all of your options by clicking here.


You can't cruise directly to Luquillo, but Luquillo Beach is a popular destination for cruisers looking to spend their day ashore Puerto Rico on one of the island's most sought after beaches. Ships will typically dock at the San Juan Cruise Port having traveled originally from south Florida, and allow cruisers to get off and take in as much of the island as they can in one or two days. Because Luquillo is just 40 minutes away, it is a quick and easy destination to travel to. Most major cruise lines travel to Puerto Rico on a regular basis, so booking a cruise that will stop here is not difficult to pull off.

Rental Cars

In order to rent a car in Luquillo, you need to have a valid driver's license, a credit card with the appropriate funds plus $500(USD) to cover the deposit fee, and you have to be over 21. That's all it takes to get on the road here. Once you begin driving, you'll find road conditions to be very good compared to the rest of the Caribbean, and drivers from the United States will feel right at home with local laws and driving conditions. Click here to find out more details about how to rent a car in Luquillo, including a list of local rental agencies, plus a bit more information about driving in Puerto Rico.


...swiftly move through the area...


There is one well-known taxi driver in Luquillo named Shawn.  He drives an immaculately kept Chrystler Town Car and is known for treating each guest like they are a celebrity.  Shawn sets his own rates, but you may be able to negotiate with him.  If you need a ride, call 787-513-7685.  Get more information by clicking here


Buses do not run regularly within Luquillo; however, you can get a ride on a bus from the Rio Piedras terminal for just $4(USD) per person. This is a great option for tourists who fly in to Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport and want to save on inter-island transportation.


Tourists who would normally depend on local buses to get around will rely on another form of transportation called a publico for inexpensive rides from place to place. Publicos are minibuses and vans that travel around the town, similar to buses, on a set route. There are no set stops, however, so passengers flag drivers down on the street and let them know where along the route they need to get off, more like a taxi. Prices also feel in between what you would normally spend on a bus or a taxi, at approximately $1.50(USD) per person, per ride.

Booking your transportation for Luquillo is just as important as booking your accommodations, but it can be difficult to narrow down your options. Knowing what is available to you is just step one in the process.


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