Attractions in Mahaut

Mahaut is an interesting town because it is slightly crowded by buildings and people and appears to be always busy, yet it doesn't offer much in the way of attractions that visitors would generally enjoy visiting.  If you aren't in it for the beaches, you're likely staying in the area because you've found an inexpensive rental property and will use it as a base for exploring other area attractions which include viewing the natural side of the island through hiking trails or cultural landmarks in nearby Roseau. 

Mahaut Beaches

You'll find an abundance of beaches to choose from in and around the area. Just click on the name of each beach to get additional information about that beach.

Mahaut North Beach: Mahuat North Beach is part of a tiny coastal town, complete with brightly colored fishing boats and friendly locals. There's shade to be had on this beach and great views of the green hills that surround.

Another place for beach-goers to consider is Mahaut South Beach. This beach is right along the coastal road that runs the length of Dominica's western edge. It's just south of the village of Mahaut and north of Massacre.

Rodney Rock Beach: A sandy strip of coastline on Dominica's edge, this beach is a nice spot to take a break if you're sightseeing along Dominica's western coast.

These are only a few of what's on the island. If you'd like to dig deeper, you can find out more here.

Landmark Attractions

Dominica Museum

A common landmark for vacationers is Old Mill Cultural Centre. It is located in Canefield, 2.3 mi. South of central Mahaut. The Old Mill Cultural Center is a community level civic center, where groups and individuals can perform and exhibit their ideas, products, and works of art. The regular flow of exhibits will give any visitors a unique insight into the cultural heritage of the island, both modern and historical.

Another interesting landmark worth visiting is Jean Rhys House. It is located in downtown Roseau, 4.6 mi. South of central Mahaut. One of Dominica's most famous people, Jean Rhys, was a writer whose works became famous on the island and throughout the British Empire. She grew up in a house on Independence and Cork Street, which was described frequently in her short stories as well as her autobiography.

Barracoon Building: This colorful and cheerful looking building has a dark history as a center of slavery on Dominica. The Barracoon Building was built as slave barracks.

But that's not all -- you can find some other places to visit. To learn about more other sites worth seeing near Mahaut, go to this page.

Natural Attractions

Dominica Natural Attractions

Those visitors who enjoy the natural environment will frequently enjoy Middleham Falls Hiking Trails. To reach Middleham Falls, you will need to take a hike down this winding trail into the island.

A second option you might like is Middleham Falls. Located inside Morne Tios Pitons National Park, this large waterfall is the iconic rain forest waterfall; complete with lush trees, moss covered rocks, and the rumble of water pounding into a pool, creating a thick spray of mist. The exotic waterfall is only part of the sight to see, as the journey to it will bring you past old coffee plantations as well as a collapsed lava tube; a geological wonder that may have helped create the island itself.

Mahaut offers other natural attractions. You can go to this page about natural attractions close to Mahaut if you're seeking some more details.


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