Transportation Options for Mahaut

Transportation options for Mahaut are plentiful

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A village just north of Roseau, Mahaut is small yet still slightly tourism-driven, appealing to visitors who want to be close to the action, but prefer a quiet, less developed area to call home each night. Transportation to and around Mahaut is an important factor to consider as you begin to make your plans for a secluded getaway in this sleepy town.

Getting There

Direct access to Mahaut is not possible without first making a stop elsewhere in Dominica, but the small size of the island means this isn't a problem in the least. The main airport is just a short distance away, as is the cruise port and port of entry for tourists who will be sailing a charter.

Getting Around

If you'll be staying close to Mahaut, renting a car simply isn't necessary, but some tourists still prefer to have one on hand for a number of reasons. If you don't mind letting someone else get behind the wheel, taxi and bus services are a great alternative.

Air Travel

There are two airports on Dominica, though only one is used for travel. This airport is Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM), which is located in St. Andrew Parish on the island's northwest coast. The drive between the airport and Mahaut is about 45 minutes, and seasoned tourists recommend that visitors hire and airport transfer for the perilous drive.

Despite this distance, this will be the transport of choice for most visitors. Click here to learn more about flying to Dominica.


Popular among those seeking to escape the average vacation, sailing to Dominica involves a bit of determination and flexibility. Many of the docks and marinas around the island are made for everyday uses like fishing boats and basic trade, as opposed to international vessels needing supplies and fuel. Still, those with the drive will be able to dock near Mahaut and enjoy this nature-friendly island. Click here to find out more.


The majority of people who visit Dominica each year do so for only a day, maybe two. How do they do this? They arrive by cruise ship, of course. Cruising the Caribbean continues to gain popularity each year, and somewhere between 350 and 450 thousand people stop on Dominica aboard Caribbean cruises annually. There are three cruise terminals on the island, though if you'd like to spend your day in Mahaut, finding a ship that docks in the Woodbridge Bay Port is your best option, since it is just nine minutes driving time away from town. When you arrive, you can easily take a cab or ride the bus, and spend your day exploring the sleepy village.

Rental Cars

Renting a car affords tourists the flexibility to come and go as they please, create their own schedule, and never worry about whether or not they have exact change or what to tip. Renting a car on the island is also a very easy process, and the cost, at between $50 and $60(USD) a day is very reasonable. Even with all of these positive points, it is the road conditions and erratic driving of locals that often discourages tourists from renting. If you'll be doing a lot of touring exploring, and you're on a budget, renting a car will always be your best choice; however, if money is no object, you'll have a tough decision to make. Click here for an in-depth discussion of renting a car in Mahaut.


Whether you're in need of a ride from the airport to your hotel, or you plan on utilizing taxi services for every ride you need on the island, it helps to familiarize yourself with how taxis are run in Mahaut and throughout the rest of the island. First, you'll note that taxis are actually mini vans, and they are driven by persons in uniform. The way to recognize that you are in fact getting in a taxi and not a private vehicle is to check the license plate, which should have the letters “HA” or “H” on them. Fare rates are set in advance, so you'll never have to wonder how much your trip will cost, and negotiation is never necessary. Learn more about taxis in Mahaut by clicking here.


People who have visited Dominica before will almost always recommend you take the bus at least once, for the unique experience of it all. Buses in Mahaut reflect the local culture wholly, as vibrant and welcoming as the town's population is known to be, and though the buses can be crowed, they are always fun.

Click here to find out more.


If you hope to travel around Dominica and explore the various towns and villages via ferry routes, you will unfortunately be disappointed. While the island of Dominica is frequented by ferries, they are generally limited to inter-island transportation between the nearby French islands, as opposed to domestic travel. However, if you have some time on your hands, these can be a cost effective way to see more of the Caribbean. To find out more about the companies and routes available, click here.

When it comes to determining which transportation options you'll utilize during your trip to Mahaut, there is a lot to consider. Ease of access, cost, and your comfort level with the choice are three of the most important factors on that list. After taking the time to go over each, you probably know how you want to get to and around Mahaut by now. What remains is to make your reservations and you'll be one step closer to having your vacation on track.


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