Buses in Malmok

Some of the best buses in the Caribbean can be found in Malmok

While it is recommended that tourists utilize other modes of transportation for sightseeing, for all other purposes, riding the buses in Malmok is a great way to get from place to place. Clean and reliable, with routes that reach many of the most important spots in the area, these vehicles are a great option for those who would like to get a true sense of what island life is like and perhaps save a little money by avoiding renting a car for their whole stay.

The buses in Malmok make the rounds each day with stops at major shopping centers, hotels, and beaches. They originate from the center of Oranjestad on Lloyd G Smith Boulevard and cost $2.30(USD) per person per one way trip. While some may feel that this is a pricey toll to take the bus, when you compare it to renting a car or taking a taxi, you'll see that this is the most affordable way to get around by far.

Buses run on a regular schedule Monday through Saturday and have limited routes on Sundays. The main bus stops are located in Oranjestad and San Nicolas, but others are available throughout the island including in Malmok. Do be aware; however, that these buses do not travel to Arikok National Wildlife Park. You'll find maps and route numbers posted at each covered bus stop, and be able to figure out the route number that the bus is on by looking at the front windshield. You'll never have trouble spotting a bus on the street, thanks to their bright and colorful pain jobs that often feature colorful themes. Although they have one of the most reliable bus systems in the Caribbean, they are still known for being late on occasion, with a five minute wait time being the norm. When you're riding the bus and it comes time for you to get off at your stop, press the button on the wall to notify the driver that you'd like to stop.

The cost of traveling on one of the best public transportation systems in the region is evident when you pay an extra $1.50(USD) per ride than you would in most other places. What you have to decide as you begin making travel arrangements is if this extra expense is worth it to you as well as if the typical bus schedules work for you and your travel plans. If the answer to both is yes, you may have just figured out the best way for you to get around Malmok.


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