Snorkeling Around Malmok

The beach in Malmok is considered to be one of the best in the area for snorkeling especially if you don't require a lot of activity on the beach itself.  It is very popular among boat tours that specialize in snorkeling, so much so that it is rare that you would sign up with a tour company that doesn't have this locale on its list of top excursions.

Why Malmok?  The waters are calm, the best sites to see are shallow, and the marine life is lively.  As an added bonus, one of the easiest and most interesting wreck sites is accessible from the area.  The Wreck of the Antilla is shallow enough that its mast nearly touches the surface.  While the experience of snorkeling is wondrous all on its own, there is something even more magical and even haunting about being able to view a shipwreck in such clear and calm conditions.   

Because it is so popular among tour groups, this area can get noisy, but on the flip side, the fish are so used to people being around that they don't often sneak away to hide and you'll get to interact with them much more than you would elsewhere.  It is best you go early in the morning if you're hoping to avoid the crowds.

The types of fish you can regularly expect to see here include angelfish, butterflyfish, chub, damselfish, filefish, goatfish, grouper, grunt, guaguanche, herring, jack, lizardfish, mojarra, needlefish, parrotfish, snapper, squirrelfish, surgeonfish, tang, trumpetfish, trunkfish, and wrasse.  The coral species include fire, mustard hill, and sea whip, and you'll also encounter urchin, tube worm, and sponges.  

Snorkeling Sites

If you'd like to explore below the water's surface you might enjoy visiting Malmok Beach. This is a favorite spot for snorkeling both by tour guides and those who are going it alone. Early in the morning is the best time to visit if you want to avoid the crowds, and you'll find the best snorkeling to be done along the rocky part of the shoreline. This snorkeling site is located in Malmok.

Arashi Beach is another snorkeling spot you might enjoy. This is a recommended snorkeling destination because there are different spots that appeal to various skill levels If you're new to the sport, stick to the left end, but if you're advanced, stick to the right. The reef runs parallel to the shore and includes elkhorn and star coral, rainbow fish, butterflyfish, chub, eels, goatfish, jack, parrotfish, squirrelfish, surgeonfish, tang, and more.

A third site to consider is Boca Catalina. A great snorkeling destination not only for the fish, coral, and sponges; but also because of the unique boulders as well. This location is also great because the fish are friendly and depths range from two to five feet, but visibility can vary.

A fourth location where you can go snorkeling is Antilla. This amazing site is a World War II ship that sunk offshore at the north end of the island. Although you cannot see the entire wreck from a snorkeling vantage point, enough of it is shallow and visible, making this a highly recommended excursion. If you want to experience it for yourself, this site is found in western Malmok.

Summary information concerning 4 of the best locations to go snorkeling in this area are listed in the chart below.

Snorkeling Sites Near Malmok
Site Location
Malmok Beach 0.2 mi. West of Central Malmok
Arashi Beach 1.1 mi. Northwest of Central Malmok
Boca Catalina 0.3 mi. Northwest of Central Malmok
Antilla 0.6 mi. West of Central Malmok

Snorkeling Services

If you looking for a place offering snorkel rentals, excursions, or similar services, you might want to contact Aruba Watersports Center. A family owned and operated watersports operator, This center offers 100 percent fun 100 percent of the time! Although the specialize in a number of activities from scuba diving to SUP boarding, their snorkeling tours is one of their most popular offerings. They are located in Palm Beach, a short distance away South of central Malmok.

A second place worth knowing about is Red Sail Sports Shop. One of the best recommended sailing and diving operations in Aruba, this shop has another great activity up their sleeve: snorkeling! Not only can you rent equipment and strike out on your own, but two of their regular sailing trips center around the sport.

A third place to consider is Blue Melody Snorkeling Rentals. A relaxing late afternoon sailing and snorkeling trip is what you get when you book with this operation. Everything you need to create a memorable experience is included, making this the perfect treat for a honeymoon, family retreat, or just a great way to enhance your snorkeling trip. They're located in Eagle Beach, easily reached by taxi South of central Malmok.

Some key facts with regard to 3 firms that offer services related to snorkeling are listed in the following table.

Snorkeling Services Near Malmok
Name Phone Location
Aruba Watersports Center (297) 586-6613 2.0 mi. South of Central Malmok
Blue Melody Snorkeling Rentals (297) 593-1554 3.6 mi. South of Central Malmok
Red Sail Sports Shop (297) 586-1603 2.1 mi. South of Central Malmok

For more information about snorkeling, including useful tips and suggestions for beginners and "pros" read our extensive Caribbean snorkeling page.

While this is a favorite destination among snorkeling tours, you don't need to hire a guide if you're experienced enough to go it alone.  The choice is yours, but with so much to see under the surface, you definitely won't want to pass up a chance to snorkel in Malmok.     


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