Malmok Transportation

It takes some planning to get to Malmok

Tourism on the Malmok Coast, which is along the northwest side of Aruba, centers around Malmok Beach which is a sandy stretch that comes seemingly out of nowhere in an area that is mainly rocky and not necessarily the best for swimming. This is a haven for snorkelers and sailors, and features a number of cozy and quiet accommodations. Getting to this spot requires a combination of a few modes of transportation, so some planning is in order.

Getting There

International travel to Aruba begins with a flight, a yachting trip, or a Caribbean cruise, all of which will bring you first to the island's capital city of Oranjestad.

Getting Around

All of the transportation options available on Aruba are known for their high standards and are recommendable to all. Whether you choose to rent a car, hire a taxi, or take the bus, you should have o trouble getting around.

Air Travel

Travelers headed to Malmok will enjoy the perks of arriving in one of the most modern airports in the region thanks to several millions of dollars in renovations that have occured in recent years. The airport, which is the Reina Beatrix International Airport, is located in Oranjestad and about 15 minutes away from your final destination. Upon your arrival, you'll travel through one of the more organized customs lines in the region, allowing you to begin your getaway with ease. Take a look at what this airport has to offer with regards to ammenities, facilities, and even which airlines stop here regularly when you click here.


...sailing is a popular pastime...


While Aruba is a good distance from most of the other Caribbean islands, sailing is a popular pastime for visitors to Malmok. Tourist should face little problem finding a charter boat to take them onto the water or to Curacao, and private sailors will find Aruba, and the Malmok area equipped with marinas and docking stations. Regardless of whether you take a charter, excursion, or sail yourself, maritime exploration of Aruba is a great way to experience the island.


Cruise ships are big business in the Caribbean, and Aruba is no exception. In recent years, cruise numbers to this island have been on the rise and the local ministry of tourism has poured a lot of money into the cruise port and surrounding areas to ensure that these numbers stay up. If you're planning on cruising to Aruba, you'll be greeted by a terminal that has been renovated by these funds to feature dozens of restaurants and duty free shops. Taxis and the public bus system make it easy to spend your day in Aruba on Malmok's beach.

Rental Cars

You may not have much use for renting a car if you plan to spend your days relaxing on the beach in Malmok, but if you plan to do so, the process is easy and the roads are known for being some of the best in the Caribbean. You'll find both international and local rental agencies on the island, mostly centered around the airport in Oranjestad, and the most popular rentals to be compact cars that are known to be gas savers. If you're planning on doing some exploring to the north of Malmok, make sure to ask for a sports utility vehicle with good suspension which will help you to navigate the dirt roads that the area is known for.

Click here to learn more about renting a car and everything you need to know about driving in Malmok and throughout Aruba.


Taxis in Malmok don't rely on a meter as many tourists from the United States are used to. Instead, they have a rate card to offer passengers which will tell them the cost of traveling from one point to another throughout the island. Taxis here are known for their cleanliness and the friendly service of drivers, so those who don't feel comfortable driving in a foreign country will almost always have a good experience using this service. You'll find further details about these cabs by clicking here.


The buses in Malmok have one of the highest costs in the region at $2.30(USD) per person each trip. Still, compared to renting a car or taking a taxi, most tourists find that they still come out ahead where their budget is concerned. The buses here are available Monday through Saturday, and on a limited bases on Sunday. Most agree that these are some of the most reliable buses in the Caribbean. Find out about schedules and more when you read our guide to Buses in Malmok.

Transportation in Malmok and throughout the rest of Aruba is some of the most reliable in the Caribbean. As you explore your options, you'll begin to see what feels most comfortable to you, and you can start to put your plans in motion.


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